Wobenzym enzyme use, safety, side effects and benefits, research studies 200 tablets and 800 tablets per bottle by Ray Sahelian, M.D.
September 15 2016

Wobenzym N is the product name of a German preparation of several enzymes. Several decades of studies have been conducted with this enzyme formula, almost all in Europe or Russia. This page reviews the latest research with this nutritional supplement. How effective are these pills to treat inflammation and provide pain relief?

As of March 2016 no new human studies could be found.

Benefits and uses
After reviewing some of the studies, it is still not completely clear to me what medical conditions most appropriately respond to this supplement. It appears this enzyme complex has benefit in having anti-inflammatory properties and perhaps may have a role in certain musculoskeletal disorders. It may also have some anti-coagulation properties.

Dosage, how much to take:
Q. You recommend taking small amount when taking first dose. the manufacturer recommends taking 3 tablets twice a day l hour before meals. i have had 3 heart attacks and take Plavix and 81 mg aspirin to thin blood. Should i take l tablet twice a day before meals to start and then how should i graduate to 3 tabs 2 times per day. i noticed that my pulse was up steady all night. I don't want another heart attack. I also have high blood pressure and take meds for that.
   A. We can't make specific recommendations but as a general rule it is a good idea, particularly in those who have health problems or taking medicines, to take a low dose of a new supplement to see how the low dose affects the body before increasing it. If there are side effects even on the low dose, then there is no point in taking additional tablets.

N Wobenzym side effects, adverse reactions
No major Wobenzym side effects have been reported in the medical literature. It is not clear how it would interact in those who are taking medicines to thin the blood. Discuss with your doctor before using it, particularly if you are taking prescription medicines.

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Research studies and benefit, medical conditions in which this product may be of benefit

Anti-inflammatory medication, naturally
The use of Wobenzym in the comprehensive treatment of patients with digital flexor tendon injury
Klin Khir. 2000.
The results of treatment of 56 patients with tendons of digital flexors were analyzed. In 28 of them in complex of treatment Wobenzim was included, and an early active mobilization as well. Considerable antiinflammatory, antioedematous, secondarily analgetic effect of preparation, its application in early period permitted to realize active movements, to reach high functional result of treatment of patients' were noted.

Atherosclerosis influence
The effect of Wobenzym enzymes on the atherogenic potential and inflammatory factors at the rehabilitation stage for patients who have had a myocardial infarct
Lik Sprava. 2000.
Effects were studied of wobenzyme on atherogenicity of blood serum and immunoinflammatory reactions in patients with myocardial infarction during the rehabilitation stage over six months. The basis therapy when supplemented with wobenzyme was found out to facilitate normalization of the atherogenic potential and to have a positive action on the mediators of the inflammatory process.

Bronchitis treatment
Wobenzym in treatment of recurrent obstructive bronchitis in children.
Georgian Medical News. 2005. Tbilisi State Medical University; M. Guramishvili Pediatric Clinic, Tbilisi, Georgia.
A total of 27 patients with recurrent obstructive bronchitis (at least 3 episodes of obstructive bronchitis per year) of 5-15 years of age were studied. Serum IgE level (by ELISA method) and pulmonary function indices were determined together with the full clinical examination. The systemic enzyme preparation Wobenzym was administered with a dosage of 1 tablet for 6 kg weight. Wobenzym was administered for 3 months.  Analysis of the data, obtained after treatment, demonstrated decrease of the Daily Symptom Score and an increase of Symptom Free Days, as well as an improvement in spirometric indices (FVC, FEV, PEF).

Exercise and physical activity
BMC Sports Sci Med Rehabil. 2014 Feb 22. The effects of oral hydrolytic enzymes and flavonoids on inflammatory markers and coagulation after marathon running: study protocol for a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. Marathon running due to its strenuous and prolonged nature results in immune perturbations with a major increase in pro-inflammatory markers and subsequent increased incidence of upper respiratory tract infection URTI. Furthermore, marathon running results in muscle damage and changes in hemostasis that promote a pro-thrombotic state. Naturally occurring hydrolytic enzymes and flavonoids have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and fibrinolytic effects, and may serve as countermeasures to exercise-induced inflammation, immune dysfunction and URTI. The aim of this study is to determine whether the ingestion of oral hydrolytic enzymes and flavonoids before and after a marathon attenuates post-race muscle damage and inflammation, counters pro-thrombotic changes in hemostasis and decreases URTI incidence. The Enzy-MagIC-study (Enzymes, Marathon runninG, Inflammation, Coagulation) is a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, monocenter phase I trial. 160 healthy males (age 20-65 years) will be randomized to receive either placebo or treatment (Wobenzym, MUCOS Pharma, Berlin, Germany) which contains the hydrolytic enzymes (bromelain, trypsin) and the flavonoid rutoside. One week before the marathon race, participants will begin daily ingestion of the investigational product (3x4 tablets). Intake will be continued for two weeks after the race (3x2 tablets per day). Clinical and laboratory measures will be collected 5-weeks and 1-week before the race, and immediately-, 24-h, 72-h, and 2 weeks after the race. The primary endpoint is the influence of the treatment on the pre-to-post marathon race plasma concentration change of the inflammatory marker interleukin-6 (IL-6). Secondary endpoints include the effect of treatment on salivary IgA concentration and the frequency of upper respiratory tract infections (URTI) for two weeks post-marathon as determined by the Wisconsin Upper Respiratory Symptom Survey (WURSS-24). Furthermore, changes of muscular and rheological parameters will be measured before and after the marathon race. We hypothesize that marathon-induced inflammatory perturbations and the incidence of subsequent URTI, muscular damage, and changes of hemostasis can be positively influenced by the anti-edematous, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and fibrinolytic effects of oral hydrolytic enzymes and flavonoids Wobenzym.

Glomerulonephritis benefit
Antioxidant effect of wobenzym applied for patients with chronic glomerulonephritis
Lik Sprava. 2007.
There is formation of free radicals in mesangial cells in patients with chronic glomerulonephritis which increases destruction of renal tissue and enable autoimmune inflammation. The unbalance between activity of oxidizing and antioxidazing starts developing. It accelerates the progression of the disease. The article presents the assessment of influence of enzyme medication Wobenzym on main indices of oxidizing and antioxidant systems. It was established the presence of antioxidant effect in Wobenzym medication.

Lymphedema treatment
Wobenzyme and diuretic therapy in lymphedema after breast operation
Wien Med Wochenschr.1996.
The authors of this clinical study report the results of a controlled clinical trial in randomized parallel groups (Wobenzym vs. diuretics) of 55 female patients suffering from brachial arm lymph edema subsequent to ablatio mammae. All patients received manual and machine lymph drainage as well as gymnastics as concomitant therapy. After 7 weeks of therapy the results of the volometric assessments of the arm, the circumference of the arm and the skinfold thickness showed significant improvements compared to diuretics. In addition, the patients receiving Wobenzym reported a significantly higher proportion of patients free of pain compared to the diuretics patients. Overall safety assessment results are satisfactory thus resulting in a superior benefit/risk relation of the Wobenzym group.
    Comments: Weight training the upper body is also helpful as a treatment for lymphedema after breast cancer surgery.

N Wobenzym research - absorption and distribution
Intestinal resorption with 3H labeled enzyme mixture ( wobenzyme )
Acta Med Austriaca. 1979.
Lhe labeled mixture of enzymes was absorbed from the intestine and was demonstrable in significant amounts in plasma, urine, heart, kidney, liver and skeletal muscle.

Side effects, safety, risk, danger
As of 2011 no major side effects have been reported in medical journals that I am aware of.

Wobenzym red
Regarding the availability of Wobenzyme Red. As of May 2007 Naturally Vitamins stopped the manufacturing of Wobenzyme Red. The reason given is that coating the red tablets involves heat which could potentially damage the enzymes, and solvents which are environmentally unfriendly. The Wobenzyme Clear is the natural alternative.

Interaction with medications
Do you have any information about the use of Wobenzym N while taking tamoxifen hormonal treatment? I took this enzyme complex for a month prior to surgery for tumor removal.
   Sorry, I have not come across any studies regarding the interactionwith tamoxifen.

Some sources say that Wobenzym is good for arthritis because it markedly reduces the levels of tumor necrosis factor alpha, which is the agent that causes arthritic pain and swelling. Yet other sources say that it activates natural killer cells to produce more tumor necrosis factor alpha in order to help fight cancers. Which is it? It can't be both.
   I can't find any studies regarding its influence on natural killer cells. The human body has countless substances and chemicals, hormones, enzymes, that influence natural killer cell activity and influence arthritis and cancer. One should not focus on one blood chemical study result. Please send us a link regarding any studies that have evaluated the role of Wobenzym and natural killer cells in humans.

In conducting an on-line search for information I found your website. A reader sent in a question regarding Wobenzym affecting cancer cells. I am currently reading an on-line book by Lee Euler called "The Missing Ingredient for Good Health." The entire book tells about the tremendous success with enzymes in relationship to curing (or at least improving) cancer. One product he recommends for curing cancer (as well as being an effective pain therapy) is Wobenzym. He also referenced Dr. Max Wolf.
   We prefer seeing actual clinical studies to determine the role of Wobenzym in treating cancer or cancer pain.

I wanted to know if wobenzym supplement would be effective in dealing with the spent phase of Polycythemia Vera. That would be where the red count is below normal, the platelet and other myloid series are very high, lymphoid series are fairly normal. This would include edemic lower legs, fibrotic lungs and no cardiac issues such as congestive heart failure.
   A search on Medline did not reveal any studies regarding the use of Wobenzym supplement and polycythemia vera.

Is there any danger for one to take digestive enzymes or Wobenzym while also on prednisone? And if not, how much should one take if they are trying to manage rheumatoid arthritis due to Lyme Disease?
   Prednisone is a powerful hormone and its potency depends on the dosage used. One has to be careful mixing prednisone with certain supplements due to unexpected side effects. Studies are lacking in terms of the interactions of digestive enzymes and Wobenzym supplements in conjunction with the use of prednisone. Your doctor would have to make the final decision regarding the potential benefits versus risks of these combinations in your particular case.

I want to buy Wobenzym supplement. I was recently in Germany and stopped at an "Apotheke" (Apothecary) to ask questions about this product. I was told by one of "Apotheker" who was very knowledgeable about Wobenzym supplements and other products and he told me that when taking the pills, you have to take a rest period of 3 months sometime after taking it. Have you heard about this?
   Each person is different in the required dosage of Wobenzym pills, how often to take it, and how often to take breaks. There is no rule that it has to be 3 months, but, as a general guideline, it is a good idea to take breaks from use. Much depends on the person taking the Wobenzym supplement, their overall health, and the reason the Wobenzym supplement is being used.

I am a doctor and have a practice in Prescott, Az. Do you find that you get better results from WobenZym N than the new VitalZym X? I am not liking what I see with regard to reduction of CRP levels.
   I have not used Vitalzym X, so I don't have an opinion about this enzyme supplement.

I purchased a bottle of 800 Wobenzyme n and have just ran out. Reading an article i purchased serrapeptase. I have started taking that in place of Wobenzym N. Are these two items similar or same basic use. what is the real difference of the two. Was this product developed for one purpose and serrapeptase for another?
    These two enzymes are completely different. Serrapeptase is one form of enzyme whereas Wobenzym N is a combination of several enzymes. The web pages discuss the studies with each product.

How long does one have to take Wobenzym N to feel less pain? I started a month ago two tablets twice daily for 15 days and three tablets twice daily for 14 days. Am I impatient to feel results? I've had fibromyalgia for about 20 years and have pain wherever you touch me, as well as having Scoliosis and Lordosis diagnosed at 14 years old. I'm a 73 year old female, 5 feet eight inches tall work out three times a week, in comparable good health and take a lot of vitamins. I occasionally take Advil when I'm desperate. I'd appreciate your comments.
    It is not possible for us to predict or forecast whether a particular supplement will help a person, and if it does what the dosage would be and how it would take. Each person is unique in terms of their pain and pain threshold an response to medications or natural pills.

I just recently started taking Wobenzym-N for fibromyalgia and inflammation due to Sjogren’s Syndrome. I’ve had miraculous results so far. Most of my pain is gone, especially the headaches! And I used to take up to 10 Advil a day and STILL had a little pain. I feel like a new person. Well, I had 2 questions for you but they are somewhat related. I started on a smaller dose of the Wobenzym, but noticed I started to get diarrhea as I upped the dose gradually. I then started taking it with a small amount (15 mg) of Calcium citrate, or even iron, because that tends to constipate me, thinking it would offset the diarrhea. It seems to be alleviating the severity of the diarrhea somewhat. Are there any recommendations you can make other than taking calcium along with it, to reduce the risk of diarrhea (and gas)?Also, will taking other nutritional supplements along with Wobenzym-N (such as calcium, iron, probiotics, etc.) affect the absorption of Wobenzym?
    I have not seen studies regarding the absorption of this product when done so together with calcium, iron or probiotics, so I don't know. Psyllium is a fiber that can absorb a lot of water and may be used during a meal or at another time during the day to reduce diarrhea.

I am currently taking Neprinol. Can I take Wobenzym N with this product?
   Neprinol contains Systemic and Lipolytic Enzyme Blend: Serrapeptase, Nattokinase, Lipase: 15,000 FU Neprinol Protease Blend: Protease (derived from Serratia), B. subtillis and A. oryaze) Neprinol Enzyme and Cofactor Blend: (Alma, Papain, Bromelain, Rutin, Coenzyme Q10), Magnesium). It is not easy to give a clear answer since a physician has to know your whole medical history before determining which products, or combinations, are appropriate for your medical condition.

I have Polymyalgia and have been on prednisone for 10 years. Every time i lower my dose and try to get off I sieze up and have unbearable pain so have to increase my dose again. The highest is only 10 mg a day but I find that I amstill in quite a bit of pain with that dose. I had a friend with polymyalgiaand she was able to get completely off her prednisone with Wobenzym. Here is my problem. I had a heart attack two years ago and am now on all these medications. I have two stents also. I want to take this product but I am scared. My doctor and my cardiologist both retired in June and I got anew doctor and am getting a new cardiologist. I feel alone and would appreciate if you have any information on this.
   A. I wish I could help but I have not seen any studies combining Wobenzym with prescription medications.

Q. Where can I purchase Wobenzym? Is it the same as Intenzyme Forte?
   A. Biotics Research’s Intenzyme Forte contains proteolytic enzymes‚ derived from both animal and plant sources. The major ingredients in Intenzyme Forte include: Pancreatin‚ Bromelain, Papain, Trypsin and Alpha-Chymotrypsin. The ingredients are different than the former, which is sold online.

March 2009, To: Wobenzym Retailers
Mucos LLC, exclusive U.S. master distributor of Wobenzym N, has partnered with Net Enforcers to monitor the Internet in order to protect its brand equity and support its valued dealers. Mucos LLC sells Wobenzym N through authorized dealers. Mucos has unilaterally adopted a Retail Pricing Policy. Mucos reserves the right to unilaterally cease doing business with any reseller that does not follow this policy. If your company does not wish to become an Authorized Internet Dealer, Mucos LLC requests the removal of all Intellectual Property belonging to Mucos LLC. This property includes all copyrighted product images, copyrighted text, statements of offers of manufacturer’s warranty (fraud), display of trademarked client logos, and/or any other property belonging to Mucos LLC. Mucos LLC intends to resolve your use of Mucos LLC’s intellectual property in the most positive way: by authorizing you to sell Mucos LLC products with the full use of Mucos LLC intellectual property; however, Mucos LLC reserves the right to enforce its intellectual property rights against any unauthorized dealer. Thank you for your consideration.

November 2009
Wobenzym runs over Pharmacies
Berlin - Only two weeks have pharmacists time, their holdings of the enzyme preparation Wobenzym N returned to the manufacturer. Because Mucos Pharma has withdrawn an application for reregistration, the goods must be up to 13 November 2009 disappear from the pharmacies. The product with the enzymes from the pancreas, pineapple, papaya and the flavonoid Rutoside to be withdrawn from the market. Faxed informed Mucos all pharmacies on the short-term returns initiated action. Simultaneously, the secondary product is advertised, that is since Monday on market: Under the name Wobenzym P Mucos Pharma now sells a product with bromelain, papain and Rutoside. Here too quick action is needed: Already in December Mucos wants to raise the price. Wobenzym is the most important product of the House: 80 percent of its revenue last around 70 million euros, the company makes with the enzyme preparation. A "broad and intensive television campaign in prime time" is to ensure that consumers remain brand loyal. In addition, the manufacturer distributes Wobenzym Phlogenzym the enzyme preparation and nutritional supplements Wobe Mucos. Approximately 100 employees work at the production site in Berlin and in the administration of the Bavarian Geretsried. After the death of longtime company owner Karl Ransberger Mucos was acquired two years ago by the Canadian company Atrium Innovations. PHARMA ADHOC, Wednesday, 04 November 2009. Wobenzym N is a combination of 5 different enzymes used for inflammation. Wobenzym PS (professional strength) is a combination of 3 enzymes in a higher concentration used specifically for arthritis.

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Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 3 Tablets
Servings Per Container: 133
  Amount Per Serving: % Daily Value
Pancreatin** 56,000 USP units protease (pancreas) Sus scrofa 300 mg
Papain** 492 FIP-units*** Carica papaya 180 mg
Bromelain** 675 FIP-units Ananas comosus 135 mg
Trypsin** 2160 FIP-units (pancreas) Sus scrofa and/or Bos taurus 72 mg
Chymotrypsin** 900 FIP-units (pancreas) Bos taurus 3 mg
Rutoside trihydrate** (Rutin) Sophora japonica 150 mg
**From dried purified aqueous extracts.
*** FIP is the measurement of enzyme activity according to the methods of the International Pharmaceutical Federation.

Supplement Facts:
Each tablet has:
Pancreatin 300 mg
Papain 180 mg
Bromelain 135 mg
Trypsin 72 mg
Chymotrypsin 3 mg
Rutosid 150 mg