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brain and memory nootropics supplement review
November 27 2016

Best nootropic supplements and reviews
Nootropic supplements are also called smart drugs, mind enhancers, brain enhancers, and intelligence pills. These are supplements, nutraceuticals, and functional foods that enhance mental functions such as memory, intelligence, concentration, and alertness.

One product that is popular is Mind Power Rx, that was developed in 2015 and has been used by many professionals since.

Nootropic compounds could be effective at providing sharpened focus, increased energy, better concentration, improved memory, and quicker learning.

Nootropic supplements include:
Acetyl-L-carnitine (ALC) has demonstrated neuroprotective effects in several experiments and is widely prescribed to reduce cognitive impairment in Alzheimer's disease patients or manage neuropathic symptoms in diabetic patients.
Bacopa monnieri
CDP Choline also known as Citicoline or the brand name Cognizin
Hordenine promoted as energizer and mood lifter
Huperzine A
   Q. I love your blog and research, and it's thoroughly helped me take the right nootropics in a smart manner. I was just wondering about the long term usage and the effects of Huperzine A, and how it could give you brain fog after stopping its usage. I am wondering whether or not I should stop its use altogether. I am a young adult male.
   A. I am not a big fan of huperzine for those who are young. I suggest alternating different brain boosters and having at least one week a month off all nootropic supplements.
Idebenone supplement
Oleomide for mood lift
Picamilon for relaxation
Pyritinol nootropic

Experiences, testimonials
Q. After reading the book Mind boosters it opened my curiosity for trying new nootropic supplements to aid in better cognitive activity and researching the internet for all I could find. I ended up finding a couple of companies that made products that you couldn't notice the difference but then I also came across some new drugs on the market (I wouldn't say new but it was the first I had heard of them) that sounded very promising. After reading through all of it a lot of them seemed to be hyped up and I was unsure whether or not it was just another marketing scam or something that was genuine. The name of the 2 drugs that mainly caught my attention are Piracetam and Noopept, I have purchased a sample of Noopept since the price for quantity and purity were low I figured all I could do was buy some and wait for it to arrive and see if it's legit or just hype (which I'm currently chasing down). What can you tell me about these 2 since I know that kind of area in increasing brain function intrigues you?
   A. I personally have not tested these two nootropic supplements but would be curious in your results.
      Q. I'm still going through an experimental stage, there is a lot of mixed literature online for these substances and it's hard to follow and also comparing my own experiences with other users. Information online at the moment is varying from dosage style, dosage weight, powder vs tablet, reliable sources, reliable certificates of analysis and so on. I am currently trialing noopept and oxiracetam due to the marketing hype backed behind it and am trying to establish if it's as good as companies are stating it to be.I am finding the occasional forum thread that suggests these substances are of value and that other "biohackers" are having similar benefits noted to what companies are saying online. One that has caught my attention more so is one that you might be more familiar with and that is called Modafinil / Provigil? It's next on my list and also has backing from a guy called David Asprey (highly popular biohacker). But I suppose what keeps me coming back to being in contact with you is that as you know I have read your book Mind Boosters and before your book came out I don't really think the market had much of a reliable source to go to to find out this information, use it as a basis and know that someone of x amount of reputation was able to stand behind these substances from a neutral stand point where you could both talk about the benefits, side effects but also talk about them in a way that didn't make the uneducated buyer feel like they were going to be "God" after consuming these and that's what we all needed - was Dr. Ray. I hope in the future you will be able to help guide and educate us again accurately again very very soon. The direction it is heading is there is a ton of interest around nootropics now, even more so the racetams and then people also jumping on board with Modafinil. The substances and herbs you spoke about in Mind Boosters are now becoming what is called a "Stack" which is like the table metaphor; choose a substance of your main focus (in this case it is the racetams) This becomes the table top, then use the substances noted in your book as the legs to support and optimise the function of the table top.

Q. Fursultiamine or Nevramin: where can I get them?
   A. I am not familiar with Furultiamine or Nevramin.