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May 28, 2018 by Ray Sahelian, M.D.

The act of making love can be one of the most important experiences of our lives. It offers intimacy, sensuality, pleasure, and gratification. It is also the means by which we create life. Unfortunately, for literally millions of men and women, sex is disappointing. If either you or your partner is one of those individuals who find sex more frustrating than fun—and you are looking for a more natural way to solve the problem—Natural Sex Boosters is the right book to consider reading and the 7 bottle aphrodisiac kit can help you jumpstart your sex life.

Natural Sex Boosters not only discusses herbal aphrodisiac supplements for a lagging sex life, but also discusses supplements that can significantly enhance a normal sex life—for both men and women. It is possible to experience heights of sexual passion and enjoyment like you have never experienced or could imagine!

While Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra have a significant effect on helping form an erection that lasts, they have little direct influence on libido and have little effect on the quality of orgasms. Fortunately, there are herbal and nutraceutical ways to provide increased sexual pleasure at a fraction of the cost. ED meds are quite expensive, more than 10 dollars a pill. Some people notice a strong erection with these medications, but decreased sensation of the genital organs.

I personally prefer natural sex boosters to Viagra and other pharmaceutical medicines. Natural supplements such as the ones I discuss help many aspects of the human sexual response, and have fewer side effects than prescription drugs. Some people are able to combine low doses of the prescription ED drugs along with low doses of herbal aphrodisiacs.

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Natural Sex Boosters book discusses in detail more than two dozen herbs
and supplements that have aphrodisiac properties

22 Chapters. BOOK SPECS: $14.95 / 208 PGS. / ISBN 0-7570-0141-6 / 6 x 9-INCH QUALITY PAPERBACK. Published by Square One Publishers, Inc.



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This book was revised and update in 2015

Passion Rx aphrodisiac formula developed by Ray Sahelian, M.D., author of Natural Sex Boosters

This herbal sex booster provides results that are often seen within days. Dr. Sahelian and his research staff have tested various doses and extracts of exotic herbs from a number or raw material suppliers to determine the ideal dose and combination for optimal libido enhancement with fewest side effects. After years of research, a proprietary blend with 15 herbal extracts, has been created. The exact dosages and extract potencies of this unique blend is a close kept secret known only to Dr. Sahelian and his research staff.

Passion Rx improves

In recent years science has made breakthroughs in the understanding of erectile dysfunction. But, for hundreds of years, civilizations around the world have known about locally grown herbs, such as ginseng, that achieve wonderful results with far fewer side effects than prescription drugs. Now, renowned physician and herbal expert Dr. Ray Sahelian, M.D., author of Natural Sex Boosters, has discovered a combination of exotic herbal extracts from the Amazon jungle, India, China, Malaysia, and Africa, that provides a natural solution for those seeking an alternative to synthetic drugs. Dr. Ray Sahelian says: "I have tried Viagra and Passion Rx. Viagra, Levitra, Cialis work well for erections, but that's about it. I much prefer Passion Rx since, in addition to supporting erectile function, it naturally enhances sensation, sex drive, stamina, and overall enjoyment. Both my male and female patients love it!"

The potent herbal extracts in Passion Rx include Ashwagandha herb, Catuaba, Cnidium, Horny goat weed, Maca, Mucuna Pruriens extract, Muira Puama herb, Passion Flower herbal extract,
Rhodiola a natural sex stimulant, Shilajit, Tribulus Terrestris herb, Tongkat ali. This product is found online and in some health food stores. This book does not cover the topic of cordyceps fungus, nor ginkgo, a respected mind booster known in China for millennia which also has some blood vessel and circulation improving qualities.

How to take the pills in the Natural Sex Boosters package
All pills are taken as soon as you wake up and at least 20 minutes before breakfast
Day 1 -- Catuaba
Day 2 -- LJ100
Day 3 -- Passion Rx
Day 4 -- Mucuna Pruriens
Day 5 -- Rhodiola
Day 6 -- Horny Goat Weed
Day 7 -- Ashwagandha
Day 8 to 10 take a break and then repeat the cycle

Get Off the Little Blue Pill . . . and begin an exploration into the natural world of herbal remedies
Thanks to Dr. Sahelian, Love Potions are not a myth anymore...

The newly developed prescription drugs do not work equally well for everyone, and that—as the printed warnings make clear—they cannot be used without risk. Fortunately, there is an alternative. For hundreds of years, civilizations around the world have used numerous herbs and natural substances to achieve the same or even greater results—and with far fewer side effects. Now, best-selling author and physician Dr. Ray Sahelian has written an easy-to-follow guide to dozens of powerful sex boosters that increase stamina, sensation, and libido for both men and women.

In Natural Sex Boosters, the medical doctor provides a clearly organized A-to-Z discussion of each natural substance, explaining what it is, what it does, the latest research, his personal experiences and reports from patients, how it is taken, the proper dosages, and presenting the scientific data behind the claims. As an expert on natural sex boosters, he is frequently interviewed by reporters. Read his latest interview by the Palm Beach Post- Alternatives to Viagra

It is truly amazing that in this day and age, most people—including most doctors—are not aware of the many supplements that can naturally boost the sexual experience. Natural Sex Boosters provides new solutions to some very old problems.

FDA is not always up to date
According to the Food and Drug Administration, the reputed sexual effects of so-called aphrodisiacs or natural sex boosters are based in folklore, not fact. In 1989, the agency declared that there is no scientific proof that any over-the-counter natural sex boosters work to treat sexual dysfunction. I have not seen any statements recently from the FDA to determine whether their viewpoint has changed based on additional research that has been done since then.

Excerpts from Chapter One of Natural Sex Boosters

Women and Sex
Female sexual dysfunction is a common medical condition that can have a major impact on self-esteem, quality of life, mood, and relationships. While there are religious, sociological, and emotional elements to female sexual function and response, impairment can also occur due to medical problems. Female sexual dysfunction is often categorized into three major areas: lack of desire; problems with lubrication and sensation; and difficulty having an orgasm.
   Declining sexual desire often troubles women as they get older, and is partly due to the body’s decreasing levels of testosterone and other hormones. Testosterone powers the sex drive in both men and women. Stress or depression can also lead to low libido. Vaginal dryness can develop when estrogen levels drop as menopause approaches.
   Many of the natural sex boosters discussed in this book work extremely well in women to enhance libido, arousal, lubrication, and sensation.

Men and Sex
In men, sexual dysfunction primarily takes the form of a decline in libido, and impotence. The 1992 National Institutes of Health (NIH) Conference on Impotence suggested “erectile dysfunction” (ED) as a more appropriate term for the inability to obtain and/or maintain penile erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual performance. ED is sometimes made worse by personal relationship issues. Male sexual dysfunction should be viewed as a chronic disease with medical, psychological, sociological, and behavioral components.
   Common medical causes of ED include chronic illness or the side effects of drugs. Additional risk factors for ED include cardiovascular disease, smoking, obesity, and high cholesterol. Less commonly, the problem is psychological. Physical causes are more common in older individuals whereas psychological causes are more common in the young. Erectile dysfunction does not have to be a part of getting older. It's true that as you get older, you may need more stimulation (such as stroking and touching) to achieve an erection. You might also need to wait more time between erections. But older men need not accept sexual dysfunction as a normal consequence of aging.

Some chemicals Involved in sexual arousal or inhibition
Please keep in mind that these are simplifications. Neurotransmitters have different effects in different parts of the brain and body.

Nitric oxide (NO) is the most important chemical responsible for engorgement of sexual organs and erections.
Acetylcholine helps facilitate erections.
Choline is a memory nutrient that also increases levels of acetylcholine.
Dopamine is primarily responsible for enhancing sex drive, mood, alertness, and movement.
Norepinephrine and epinephrine influence alertness, arousal, and mood. These neurotransmitters increase libido, but may make it more difficult to have an erection.
Serotonin usually has an inhibitory effect, that is, too much serotonin decreases sexual drive and interest.
5-HTP, a serotonin precursor used as a dietary supplement for depression, causes a decrease in libido.
Pregnenolone, the grandmother of all steroid hormones, and a precursor to DHEA the natural sex stimulant, can increase libido.

GABA causes relaxation, and as a dietary supplement does not seem to cross the blood brain barrier that well.
Kava has an inhibitory effect.

How an erection happens
An erection is a complex event that occurs when blood rapidly flows into the penis and becomes trapped in its spongy chambers, called the corpora cavernosa. In addition to psychological and chemical components, an erection involves the neural, hormonal, and vascular systems.
   When visual or auditory stimuli of a sexual nature stimulate the brain, nerve impulses flow down the spinal cord where they stimulate activate parasympathetic nerve fibers, which go to the penis or clitoris and release acetylcholine. Acetylcholine helps cavernous smooth muscles (corpora cavernosa) to relax and as a result more blood flows to the penis. Touching the penis also stimulates the parasympathetic nerves. Usually, both mechanisms are at work to cause erections, but as people age, they derive less stimulation from the higher centers and need to rely more on direct penile or clitoral stimulation. In the young, higher centers of the brain are easily stimulated by fantasizing or thinking about sex, which seem to cause an erection or vaginal lubrication nearly at will. Another aging-related change is an increase in the refractory period, that is, the time from ejaculation to the next erection. This interval may range from several minutes in a young man to several days in a 90 year-old.
   When the penis is flaccid, the muscles of the corpora cavernosa are in a contracted state. This is maintained by the sympathetic nervous system using the chemical norepinephrine, made by
tyrosine, which binds to alpha-1-adrenergic receptors. Yohimbine, a substance found in the African sex booster yohimbe, blocks these alpha-1-adrenergic receptors and prevents the contraction otherwise induced by norepinephrine. Erections now occur much easier since the corpora cavernosa are relaxed and blood can rapidly flow in.
   Nitric oxide is another chemical involved in erections.

Foods and spices
Ginger, onion, garlic, nutmeg, saffron could have a positive benefit.
Curcumin does not seem to have much of an effect. Curcumin is found in the spice turmeric, used commonly in India. Recently fenugreek extract has become popular.

I received your Natural Sex Boosters, in the mail the other day, began reading it and could not put it down. It is packed with such a wealth of useful information and so well written.

Thank you so much for your book. It is the most useful and comprehensive source of information about non-prescription substances for sexual functions that I have found.

I had an iliostomy 8 yrs ago since then my plumbing hasn't been the same. Tried Viagra and it didn't work! I've try some herbs WOW! It's alive again.  Your book Natural sex Boosters has done wonders for me!  Thanks a million! 

Questions from readers
Does Acetyl l-carnitine have an influence on sexual performance?
   Acetylcarnitine is involved in brain energy metabolism and some studies show it may have a positive influence over time.

I am taking acetylcysteine antioxidant, liver protector along with AHCC immune-support mushroom extract and arjuna ancient heart helper. Would taking
DMG mind enhancer and galantamine interfere with libido influencing herbs? Occasionally I also take DMAE for better focus, it's a well-known mind / memory booster.
   They can since excessive stimulation can occur when combining all of these with difficulty sleeping.

Q. Being a huge admirer of Dr Ray Sahelian's book Natural Sex Boosters and Mind Boosters: A Guide to Natural Supplements that Enhance Your Mind, Memory, and Mood (which are still the most definitive books on the subjects), I have read, and i still dig into it from time to time and different things catch my eye), Deer antler velvet contains both male and female hormones, yet I have seen it included in several male enhancement products. surely anything that contains female hormones is going to have a negative effect on male sexuality?
   A. Deer antler velvet contains a number of hormones and other substances, the hormones not necessarily being the factors fully responsible for the sexual enhancement. Plus, the final product may have a different composition depending on where the deer are raised, the time the velvet is removed, the processing and manufacturing process, etc. Rather than focus on the exact hormones and their ratios or levels in deer antler velvet, it may be better to just clinically test on oneself if a particular product works or does not work.

I just read your book Natural Sex Boosters and I found it both educational and entertaining. I have HSV1 and I read taking arginine is bad for me. Is this true? I also read that taking Lysine and Red Marine Algae can suppress HSV1 or even cure it. I don't know if this is true. Lastly, I also have Bipolar 1 and I take 450mg of Lithium and 300mg of Seroquel every night. My libido used to be quite high but now it is fizzling. What Aphrodisiac would be suitable for me?
    There have been conflicting studies regarding the role of arginine and lysine amino acids in terms of their influence on herpes simplex virus treatment or prevention, but at this time I am not convinced they play a major role. I have not seen studies regarding the interaction of aphrodisiac herbal products when combined with lithium or Seroquel. Many of these herbal boosters can increase heart rate, provide more energy, act as stimulants, and can interfere with sleep along with raising body temperature, therefore if one were to use them it should be in low dosages.

I'm 69 years old, and still in pretty good shape. In 1998, I started taking Viagra, and it worked like a charm, except for the headaches. In late 2001, in fact, 5 days after 9-11, I had sex, but we broke up a couple days later. I went without sex, for eight years, (with a sex partner that is). After about five years, I even stopped using myself. Now, I have a lady, and we are looking at marriage. She is 63, and way, oversexed. I tried Viagra but it didn't work. I tried this five times, and all I got was a headache. My interest is, what do you have that will help me, if anything. My lady is coming back from a trip in October, and I would like to be ready for her. As I said, I'm 69, but my heart and blood pressure, and all that is good. I'm with the VA, and they ran tests before they would give me the Viagra. I don't believe 69 is to old to have sex, so please contact me with some information that will help me. I take Co Q10 for heart, energy, and as an antioxidant.
   You may wish to review some of the options in this book and discuss them with your doctor.

Q. I was wondering if there is any specific way to take Prostate Power Rx when taking the better sex kit?
   A. For most people, those who do not have medical issues, taking one Prostate Power Rx cap a day is okay with the Natural Sex Boosters program.

A. Are there any issues taking the mineral supplement calcium or the natural supplement of carotenoids together with these herbal pills?
   A. We don't expect any issues with these combinations.

Carnitine energy booster, helps fight fatigue, potentially helpful to heart patients
Carnosine anti-aging nutrient?
Cat's claw anti-inflammatory
Chaste berry for PMS in women... and relief for men :)

CLA I can't figure this one out
CMO ditto: I can't figure this one out, either
Creatine for big muscles; look good in the mirror, impress your friends, partner... and yourself
Devil's claw anti-inflammatory herb from South Africa

Feverfew for migraine

Flaxseed sprinkle some on your favorite vegetable soup

Glutamine may be helpful in those with cancer and HIV
Green tea a cup a day keeps the doctor away
Hawthorn for heart
Hoodia skinny Kalahari Bushmen may be on to something

Inositol may be helpful in some psychiatric conditions

Q. Is muira puama a natural sex boosting stimulant for a woman?
     A. Yes, muira puama does have properties that would be considered a natural sex stimulant for a woman.

Policosanol for cholesterol... but sadly, statins still better
Reishi anti-tumor Chinese mushroom not to be confused with Reiki
Resveratrol rationalize your red wine drinking habit

Theanine helpful amino acid found in tea

Valerian anti-anxiety sedative
Vinpocetine periwinkle plant brain booster, may improve vision

Q. Is it safe to take sex boosters if you have heart conditions and diabetic.
     A. Most sex boosters have heart stimulating properties and people need to be cautious and do so under medical supervision and only use small doses.

I found two books called Natural Sex Boosters. One has 208 pages and the other 91 pages. Do these both have the same information or does the 91 page have additional info. I am not sure which one I should get. Please explain to me the differences.
    They are both basically the same book. The larger one is printed by a different book publisher.

Your experience in the field of natural sex boosters is very motivational. By working with thousands of men over the past several years, I've come to the conclusion that your work is doing a great service to many men. Working on a topic related to the phallus is, for many, still considered taboo.

I'm a 50 yr old male in trim healthy condition with no medical problems. I recently read "Natural Sex Boosters" book and was impressed by your depth of research. I had already tried most of the herbs you mentioned for the past 3 years in powder, tea, and alcohol extract form and have never experienced any of the effects you observed. I also tried all of the essential amino acids in powder form in various combos up to 8g/dose and once found an increase in genital sensitivity with Histidine + Arginine (but not again afterwards so don't know if that was a coincidence or not). None of the other aminos had any effect on my sexuality or sensation. However, I'm open to new products so I ordered some of the items mentioned in your book (CDP-Choline / citicoline, sharpen your mind, TMG, fish oils for heart, blood vessels, eyes,, Horny Goat Weed, NADH the dopamine connection: mind and sex booster, Tongkat) about a month ago. I  took each of these for about 2weeks in doses mentioned in the book sometimes on empty stomach sometimes with food and haven't noticed any effect whatsoever (good or bad) from any of these substances. I even tried 4caps of the Horny (40% icariin) at one swallow and felt nadda. You seem to have experienced at least something from most of these same supplements yet I feel nothing physical or emotional at all. My vision is still slightly blurry and my hands and feet get cold when the weather is cold just as before so none of those "visual improvements" and "warm feelings" have occurred for me either. Why is that? Will a healthy person not feel anything because his body already has all of these chemicals in sufficient levels or do some people just eliminate them out the back door? Or do I need to take half a bottle in one swallow to get an effect?
    It's difficult to know why some people respond whereas others don't. There could be a number of factors including the quality of the products (there are herbal products sold on the market that are not true to their label), the time of day of use and with or without food (most are better on an empty stomach about half an hour to an hour before breakfast), medications used, etc. We find the highest responses to be with Passion Rx with Yohimbe and LJ100 tongkat ali extract, followed by horny goat weed, mucuna pruries, and tribulus. The amino acids are weak. It is best to take either one 2 days on, one day off, and most people notice benefits by the end of the first week. Taking them every day without a break sometimes reduces their effectiveness.