LJ100 Tongkat ali extract review - side effects and benefits of Eurycoma Longjack supplement and safety, made by Herbal Powers, it may boost testosterone levels
Take the right dose or dosage, works in men and women as a libido boost with sexual vitality and heightened sexual desire.
October 3 2018
by Ray Sahelian, M.D.

LJ100 is a Tongkat Ali root extract available in capsules by itself or combined with other herbs in over the counter libido enhancing products. It is promoted in the US by Herbal Powers.

Composition, what's in it, what are the active ingredients?
LJ100 is Tongkat ali root powder which has been concentrated to have a ratio of 40% glycosaponins and 22% eurypeptides, which are some of the active ingredients in the plant that promote sexual enhancement. Other trademarked tongkat ali extract products will have different concentrations of these and other substances found within the plant.

A remarkable combination of LJ100 and several other potent aphrodisiac herbs and extracts that works in a man and woman
After years of getting feedback from hundreds of patients and users, and having tried it myself in varying dosages, I have found an appropriate dosage to put in a formula called Passion Rx Yohimbe which works extremely well as a sex booster in men and women. You have the option of taking tongkat ali powder 200 mg in capsules by itself, LJ100 25 mg by itself, or a combination of lower amounts of sex herbs. I prefer combinations, such as Passion Rx, since one can take advantage of different herbs which work in different ways to enhance the overall sexual experience, including sex drive, sensation, stamina, erectile function, orgasms, and lubrication. Each herb has a set of different chemicals that act in the body in different ways to provide a more wholistic sexual enhancement.

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LJ100 increases energy, stamina, physical endurance, genital sensation, and sexual performance. This product comes from the best and exclusive raw material supplier, Herbal Powers, direct from Malaysia. You also have the option to take tongkat al root powder at 200 mg, or preferably Passion Rx which is a wonderful combination of more than a dozen aphrodisiac herbs, including tongkat ali root powder and LJ100. It is difficult to predict in any one individual which product will work best. The surest way is to try these supplements separately to see which one is most suitable to your own body chemistry.

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Supplement Facts:
LJ100 25 mg (Eurycoma Longifolia extract) (standardized to 40% glycosaponins and 22% eurypeptides).

Suggested Use, dosage, how much to take: There are different viewpoints on how to take this natural aphrodisiac and results vary. We prefer starting slow. For libido maintenance, take one LJ100 capsule every other day. As an alternative, you could consider Passion Rx which has LJ100 along with more than a dozen effective sexual enhancing herbs such as horny goat weed, maca, tribulus, mucuna, muira puama, catuaba, avena sativa, and others and alternate its use with LJ100 every other day. Some people prefer taking two LJ100 25 mg pills at a time for a total of 50 mg a day for a quick effect and do not mind the adverse reactions as much. Rarely some individuals may require 75 mg or 100 mg to notice a libido increase.

Dosage of LJ100, how does a person know how much to take? And how often?
Each raw material supplier and manufacturer has a different way of preparing and extracting the active ingredients in the tongkat ali root. Therefore it is difficult to give a dosage recommendation that would apply to all the dozens of tongkat ali products on the market. One advantage of LJ100 is that it has been available for a number of years and each batch is consistent. I have experimented and tried a number of tongkat ali extracts and find each to have its advantages and disadvantages.

Q. I have come across a product that has 80 mg of LJ100 which is claimed to be a 100 to 1 extract.
   A. LJ100 80 mg may work quicker but it will cause severe insomnia, incresed body temperature and restlessness. We suggest using lower amounts to minimize unpleasant reactions.

Other tongkat ali extracts sold over the counter, online and in health food stores
You can find tongkat ali promoted in a number of extract potencies. Examples are 10:1, 50:1, 100:1 and 200:1 extract concentrations. These can be misleading since there are no accepted scientific standards as to what a particular concentration of the herb, and what proportions of the active ingredients have to be, before it is called a 50:1, a 100 to 1, or any other extract. Thus, in this uncharted and undefined territory, various promoters claim their product to be a super high concentration, such as a 200 to 1 extract. There are a number of different active substances within the tongkat ali root. There are no standards that say a 40% glycosaponin content constitutes a particular extract concentration. Therefore, in my opinion, there is no such thing as a 50 to 1, 100 to 1, or 200 to 1 extract because these numbers are meaningless. The only way to find out what is in a product is to do a chemical analysis known as a HPLC test to determine the various ratios and contents of glycosaponins, eurypeptides, quassinoids, and the other ingredients within the plant. LJ100 is a high pressure water extract with high amounts of the active glycosaponins and eurypeptides, and low amounts quassinoids (which are believed to be less desirable).

Studies and benefits, results of clinical trials
I have not come across extensive published human studies on Medline regarding LJ100 research. There have been several studies done in Malaysia or other southeastern Asian countries with this extract, but I cannot find any that have been formally published in medical journals in the USA. Nevertheless, my personal experience convinces me that this extract is effective as a sexual enhancer, but it needs to be used cautiously and in the right dosage for it to work while minimizing side effects.
   Dr. Johari M. Saad and co-workers from the Department of Biochemistry, University Malaya, Malaysia, produced this LJ100 water-soluble extract and they recommend 100 mg a day for men and 50 mg for women. When I take more than 25 mg I cannot sleep at night, it wires me too much.

LJ100 side effects, safety, danger, risk
There are side effects to LJ100 when used in high doses. These include increased body temperature, restlessness, irritability, fast heart rate, and insomnia. Some individuals may have severe sleep disturbances, particularly if it is hot in the bedroom since these pills increase body heat. Lack of deep sleep reduces sex drive and performance and it can cause erectile dysfunction. For this reason, when you buy a LJ100 supplement, keep this in mind and initially start with a dose no more than 25 mg, or even less. If you are sensitive to herbs, take a portion of a capsule. Do not take it the same day as Passion Rx or other libido products or other individual sex herbs since there could be overstimulation and restlessness. If you are young, healthy, and are the type of person who does not notice effects of a supplement unless it is in massive amounts, then 50 mg or higher may be more appropriate for you.

Reports from users, testimonials
I took 50 mg of LJ100 from another company and it made me very irritable.
   A. High doses of this herbal extract can cause irritability and restlessness, and that is why we prefer people take smaller amounts. Some users notice that they angry easily and are quick to be assertive or aggressive.

I have been taking Lj100 for some time and I love it. Problem is that I was put on Bystolic a beta blocker for a little bit of heart disease. Is it ok to take Tongkat Ali if I am on a beta blocker?
   We do not suggest using this herbal aphrodisiac in those with heart problems since it can raise heart rate and could raise blood pressure.

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Combining with tribulus herb
I just today purchased LJ100 and was given advice to stak it with Tribulus Fuel which is a testosterone booster.
   A. I am not very familiar with Tribulus Fuel. LJ100 is quite potent and I suggest using it by itself. Taking too many herbs the same day can cause rapid heart beat, increased body temperature, insomnia and irritability. Lack of good sleep interferes with good hormone balance, which interferes with growth hormone release. All this is counterproductive to muscle building. To increase muscle mass I suggest creatine supplement along with protein powders.

Compared to Viagra, Cialis, Levitra
I bought a bottle of LJ100 25 mg. I read the dosage like 1 capsule every other day or 3 times a week. Can I not take it as needed, like Viagra.
   A. Herbs are not like Viagra, Cialis or Levitra, they take a few days before working at their best. You can take one capsule LJ100 in the morning every other day or 3 days a week and discuss with your doctor how to use Viagra. We suggest not taking the prescription medication the same day as LJ100. Viagra can be taken on a day when you are not taking LJ100 and it is better to use a smaller dose of Viagra than you normally would. Many sexual herbs have a delayed effect into the second and third day after taking a capsule.

Platelet count
Q. Just after taking 150 mg/day of Herbal Powers LJ100 capsule my platelet count jumped up to 681. Some claims are that tongkat ali increases red blood increase in bone marrow, so maybe it caused my high platelet count.
   A. It's difficult to make this connection based on one blood study, but you may with to take a break from LJ100, test to see what your platelet level is, and then retake the LJ100 followed by retesting to see if it reoccurs. 150 mg is an extremely high dose.

LJ200, products sold as 200 to 1 extracts
Q. I saw an ad for LJ200. What is this product?
   A. We have not tested a LJ200 product so we don't know if it is effective and how it compares to LJ100. Just because LJ100 uses the number 100, it does not mean it is 100 times more potent than the powder. This would likely apply to LJ200, too.

Q. There is a website that claims that LJ200x has 185 mg of a concentrated extract equivalent to 37000 mg of regular tongkat ali powder. Is this true?
   A. If it were, and you took 37,500 mg of tongkat ali, I doubt you would be alive, or functioning properly. We find even 400 mg of tongkat ali powder to be quite a hefty dose. Anyone who makes this comparison apparently does not fully understand the tongkat ali herb and how the extracts are made. LJ200x is certainly not 200 times as potent as tongkat ali powder. We question the reliability of the information by whoever makes such statements. Often, tongkat ali works better in low dosages than it does in high dosages since side effects are common. Just try LJ100, there is much more research done with it than a lesser known and untested extract marketed as LJ200x.

Q. I have traditionally taken Samatra Pasak Bumi Tongkat Ali 1:50, 400mg product. I recently purchased the LJ100 100:1, 25mg product. I was taking 8 pills a day of the Samatra product daily. The instructions for the LJ100 product is 1 pill daily. What would the equivalent dose be with these two products? It's very confusing!
   A. I have no idea of the quality or potency of Samatra Pasak Bumi Tongkat Ali 1:50, 400mg product so it is not easy to compare them.

Q. I recently purchased tongkat ali extract 1:200, 200 caps at 600 mg of Tongkat Ali from Indonesia and I'm not sure if it is working or not. Based on your website taking that amount of this extract it should work. Not sure whether to purchase from them again. What is your opinion?
   A. We have no idea what this product contains and, as mentioned at the top of the page, be weary of such 200 to 1 claims.

I am a health food store owner and received marketing material that LJ100 has anti-aging-enhance IGF-1, enhances sports performance, improves sexual function, increases energy, and helps with weight loss. Are any of these true?
    LJ100 does enhance sexual function, does increase energy (but we don't know if this is sustained over time), I am not sure about the weight loss part, but I do not believe it has anti-aging potential and do not think it enhances sports performance since it increases body temperature which may be counterproductive. Diet Rx works very well for weight loss.

Thank you for such a great and informative site! Is there a difference between the Physician Formulas LJ100 and the ones from other companies? I am just confused if LJ100 is a trademark name and if it's the same wherever you get it, or if all LJ100 are different formulas. I am very new to tongkat ali, and have done a lot of research the past couple weeks. About a week ago I started on tongkat ali 1:50 extract that I got through a reseller of Sumatra Pasak Bumi. I'm very confused about the results. I read many statements that state many people get a warm sensation when they first started taking it. I didn't feel a thing, and that was with 800 mgs of 1:50 extract. I also read at Dr. Sahelian's site that LJ100 is very potent and you keep it in low 25mg capsules because of powerful effects. But, I am taking two 400mg capsules of the Sumatra Pasak Bumi TKA which has a 1:50 extract. That should be many, many times more potent than 25 to 50mg of LJ100 and yet I have felt pretty much nothing. So I'm afraid that I would have to take even more LJ100 (even though it's a higher extract) because of its low mg. Since I read that LJ100 is potent and many feel the effects at low doses, maybe it works better than what I have. I'm only 31 years old, married, and have had very bad problems with poor libido, sex drive, interest, which also leads to poor performance. I do take Viagra when I can get samples from my doctor because it's too expensive. And it does nothing for my sex drive. I've tried many things, including Enzyte, which did nothing. I would like to try Passion Rx. Would this work better than LJ100 alone? Does Passion Rx need to be taken in cycles since it has tongkat ali LJ100 in it?
    A. The LJ100 from Physician Formulas and other companies are likely the same raw material from the same source if the company selling it is honest and has not mixed it or replaced it with a cheaper raw ingredient. LJ100 is a trademarked tongkat ali extract by Herbal Powers. Many people find 25 mg every other day or 2 days on 2 days off to work well, others find they need two capsules, or even 3, to notice it. As to Passion Rx, it is difficult to predict which form, with or without yohimbe, will work better for you since each person is different. Taking days off from the use of the sexual herbal products does make them work better. Using smaller amounts gives a more gradual response with fewer side effects and this is often preferable. However some people like to take a higher amount to notice more sexual benefits but the side effects of LJ100 such as increased body temperature, irritability, and insomnia can interfere with optimal sexual love making. 

I am interested in using either the Passion Rx formula or just the lj100 product, both as libido boosters, and as testosterone enhancement for body building. Although I have tried several other testosterone boosters in the past they have had little effect on me, and the side "benefit" has been short-term (while using the products) difficulties with sex (difficulty gaining erections). I have never taken either steroids or any of the prohormones. Is there any chance of the lj100 by itself or the Passion Rx causing the reverse effect from what they are intended? Do either of these products stimulate the feed back loop that begins the aromatization of testosterone to estrogen? If they work as libido boosters, how long before I should expect to see results?
    If used too frequently, many sex herbs or sexual products can have a reverse effect since they can cause insomnia and fatigue. It is best to use Passion Rx, LJ100, or other sexual herbal products a few days a week and take a full week off each month. Not enough studies have been done in humans to determine the hormonal effects of these herbs and they are not to be relied on for body building purposes. Most people notice sexual enhancement within 2 or 3 days. LJ100 and Passion Rx should not be taken the same day. They work better when you take days off. In fact, the benefits are noticed also on the days when they are not used.

How does it work?
Tongkat ali works in many ways, here is one possible way that it works to improve erectile function.

J Basic Clin Physiol Pharmacology 2018. Phenolic-rich extracts of Eurycoma longifolia inhibit enzymes responsible for the development of erectile dysfunction and are antioxidants.

LJ100 Press Release - 2006
A study has demonstrated that LJ100 Eurycoma longifolia extract, standardized to 40% glycosaponins and 22% eurypeptides, known for enhancing sexual virility and overall physical endurance in men by perhaps increasing levels of free testosterone, may be equally as viable for promoting anabolic action during and after endurance training or competition. The study by S. Talbott, entitled, “Effect of Eurycoma longifolia Extract on Anabolic Balance During Endurance Exercise,” sought to determine the effects of the herb specifically on cortisol and testosterone levels during high-intensity exercise. The researchers used a freeze-dried extract of eurycoma longifolia that was standardized to contain 22 percent eurypeptides and 40 percent glycosaponins. Participants were men who were taking part in a 24-hour mountain bike event. The subjects provided a saliva sample prior to and after each of four 14-mile laps; the eight samples of each participant underwent an enzyme immunoassay (Salimetric, State College of PA) to determine and compare levels of cortisol and testosterone. This was compared to placebo samples. Both placebo and supplement were taken approximately 30 minutes prior to exercise. The researchers found that cortisol levels in the LJ100 Eurycoma group were lower – 33 percent – than in the placebo group. Also, testosterone levels in the supplement group were 16 percent higher than that of the placebo group. LJ100 is a registered standardized, freeze-dried Eurycoma longifolia extract, containing 40% glycosaponins and 22% eurypeptides, a bioactive glycoprotein that may have androgenic properties. LJ100 has undergone a patented BAT extraction process to capture 22% biologically active eurypeptides, believed to be responsible for increasing libido. Created by the original researchers at the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia, University of Malaya, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, LJ100 has shown - in human clinical trials - an ability to increase DHEA and free testosterone, decrease sex hormone binding globulin SHBG, modulate cortisol, and increase IGF-1 level. About Herbal Powers Ingredients - Based in Bradenton, FL, Herbal Power Ingredients is a an herbal health company focused on bringing effective herbal remedies from Asia to the North American market.
   Dr. Sahelian says: LJ100 does work for libido enhancement, but LJ100 side effects can occur with higher doses. People should use it cautiously and in low doses. I have included this press release here, but I do question the interpretation of the findings. I am not convinced LJ100 is appropriate for endurance exercise, and I don't think the changes in cortisol or testosterone are significant. in any practical sense.