Liquid Vitamin benefit, is this form any better than taking a regular pill that can be swallowed?
April 12 2017

A daily liquid vitamin supplement is not necessarily much better than swallowing a pill. The major reason I would recommend this form is to those who have difficulty swallowing capsules or tablets. Liquid vitamins are much more expensive than capsules or tablets.
Whole liquid multi vitamin mineral

Eur J Pediatrics. 2011. Acceptance of two liquid vitamin D formulations among mothers with newborn infants: a randomized, single-blind trial. In Switzerland, children are prescribed 7.5-12.5 μg per day of vitamin D(3) dissolved in alcohol, but many families do not adhere to the recommendation. The aim of the trial was to compare the acceptance of vitamin D(3) dissolved in alcohol or in medium-chain triglycerides among mothers of Swiss newborn infants. The acceptance was tested in 42 healthy newborn infants (20 girls and 22 boys) aged between 2 and 7 days. Their neonatal body weight ranged between 2.2 and 4.1 kg, and the gestational age between 36 and 41 weeks. The blinded mothers rated the facial reaction of their children by pointing on a facial hedonic scale. Thirty eight of the 41 mothers, who brought the comparison to completion, assigned a better score to the oily preparation with no difference in the remaining three cases. The acceptance for the oily preparation was significantly better both among mothers whose babies were initially presented the alcoholic preparation and among mothers whose babies were initially presented the oily preparation. Furthermore, the acceptance for the oily preparation was better irrespective of gender of the infant or parity of the mother. In conclusion, from the perspective of mothers, Swiss newborn infants prefer the taste of the oily vitamin D(3) preparation over the alcoholic preparation.

Q. I have a 10 year old autistic and epileptic boy. I would like to follow your suggestions but need to know if carnosine, Fish Oils and Multivitamin come in liquid or powder capsules that i can put in his food. I find your website to be very honest, helpful and informative. I want to thank you for this. Your time in responding will be deeply appreciated.

Q. Do you carry your multivitamin MultiVit Rx in liquid form? I need it for my son who is autistic and doesn't know how to swallow pills.
   A. At this time we only have it in capsule form, however the capsule can be opened and the contents mixed in juice or food.

Q. I cannot swallow pills or capsules. Are there liquid vitamin alternatives to your products or can I crush the pills and take them? (I am especially thinking of the vision formulas)
   A. Eyesight Rx is under the tongue, you can bite a small piece and melt under the tongue. All pills can be crushed or in most cases the capsule can be opened and the contents mixed in water or juice. or food.