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March 7 2017 by
Ray Sahelian, M.D.

Vitamin, herb, supplement that work for male impotency, natural solution, home remedy and cure
A number of pharmaceutical male impotency pills are available, and there are quite a number of herbs that also work quite well. There are literally dozens if not hundreds of plants and their extracts that contain substances that have an influence on several aspects of the human sexual response.

Passion Rx with male impotency herbs enhances:
Erectile function
Sexual stamina and sensation

The potent male impotency herb extracts in Passion Rx include ashwagandha, catuaba, cnidium monnieri, horny goat weed, maca, mucuna pruriens extract, muira puama herb, passion flower, rhodiola, tribulus terrestris, tongkat ali, LJ100, and yohimbe. There is a version of Passion Rx without yohimbe.

Cause of male Impotency, why it happens
There are numerous causes of impotence which are fully discussed in this article.
There are an estimated thirty million men in the United States who suffer from impotency, also known as erectile dysfunction, at some time in their lives. Impotency is defined as the inability to achieve or sustain an erection of the penis insufficient to have sexual intercourse. The usual reasons a man may experience this condition may include stress, excessive consumption of alcohol, excessive use of tobacco, fatigue, mental anguish concerning sexual performance, or depression. Another cause can be a negative side effect from a prescribed medication. These types of impotency are usually temporary and end when the cause is found and remedied.

Cure, natural remedy
Depending on the cause, an impotency cure is possible. This could range from a pharmaceutical impotency drug to herbal impotency pills, or to correcting the underlying medical or psychological conditions leading to impotency.

Male Impotency treatment, what doctors prescribe
Treatment for impotency depends on the underlying cause. Common drugs used are Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. These medications work but they have unpleasant side effects. For alternative Herbal Viagra suggestions. Many impotency herbs can be taken for several days in a row and on the day of sexual activity the natural treatment can take a break while the person takes the prescription ED medication.

I suffer from male impotency. Are there safe impotency herbs that could replace the impotency pill that I take called Cialis?
   In many cases male impotency can be helped with a natural male impotency pill or herb. It is impossible to predict which herb or herbal combination will help. One can only tell after trying different impotency herbs for a period of one or two weeks each to see which ones are most effective. The advantage of Cialis is that it works within hours while most herbal formulas for male impotency take 2 to 4 days for their best effect.

What natural products, exercises or diets can improve impotency after prostate cancer surgery. I was operated with the DaVinci robotics method 2 months ago and first indication is cancer was totally removed (PSA 0.03). Any suggestions to improve erection deficiency or impotency at this time?
   It is difficult to predict which impotency herbs will be helpful in any particular person. There are quite a number of natural herbal erection helpers to try. You may consider buying 2 or three different products and give each a try for a week or two to see which one works best for your situation.