Hydroxytyrosol phenol in olives
November 22 2015

J Agric Food Chem. 2014. Hydroxytyrosol and its potential therapeutic effects. As olive oil is the main source of calories in the Mediterranean diet, a large number of studies have been carried out to characterize its role in various diseases and exploitation for the prevention and treatment of hypertension, carcinogenesis, diabetes, atherosclerosis, and other diseases. As one of the major polyphenols present in virgin olive oil, hydroxytyrosol shows a variety of pharmacological activities such as antioxidant properties, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective activities, and beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system, which show its potentiality for the development of dietary supplements. In the future, more attention should be paid to its action mechanism in vivo and synergistic effect. Further research will be performed to provide the theoretical basis for hydroxytyrosol and its derivatives use as health supplements.

Scientific study has shown that hydroxytyrosol (3,4-dihydroxyphenylethanol), a powerful antioxidant, is an important phenolic compound in olives, and may benefit human health through many ways. Shaanxi Herbsoul Natural Products Co., Ltd. began the study of a hydroxytyrosol powder product in January 2009. The company will introduce its banded Olisoul to market in 2010. This product is intended for use in food, dietary supplement, cosmetic and drugs. Its transportation and storage is more convenient than liquid product .Herbsoul has supplied Olisoul olive leaf extract powder standardized to 10%,20%,40% oleuropein for 1.5 years, after investigation into olive growth conditions, the phytochemical compounds in olives and other constituents. Herbsou is engaged in the study, production and sales of plant extracts, to be used in pharmaceutical, dietary supplement, food, beverage and cosmetic applications. The company's production base is located in YiJun county, Tongchuan city, Shaanxi province, China. The plant was built under GMP standards and has been GMP certified by the State Food and Drug Administration, P.R. China. The company also has a KOSHER certificate from KSA.