Helicidum in plant
October 22 2015

As of 2015 I am not aware of any human studies as a supplement.

Helicidum, formaldehydephenlyl-O-Beta-d-pyranosyl alloside, is one of the primary components from fruits of Helicid hilagirica Beed.

Scientists are attempting to extract Helicidum from Helicid hilagirica Beed herb at a concentration of 95%.

Arzneimittelforschung. 2007. Bioequivalence of two tablet formulations of helicidum administered in single dose to healthy Chinese volunteers. In this 2 x 2, randomized, crossover bioequivalence study, two tablet preparations of helicidum were compared in 20 healthy Chinese male subjects. The drug was given in a single dose of three tablets (75 mg) and blood samples were withdrawn during 12 h after drug administration. Helicidum was separated and analyzed using a validated liquid chromatography-mass spectrum method. The pharmacokinetic parameters were determined from the plasma concentration-time profiles of both formulations. The primary calculated pharmacokinetic parameters were compared statistically to evaluate bioequivalence between the two preparations, using various statistical methods. The analysis of variance (ANOVA) did not show any significant difference between the two formulations and 90% confidence intervals fell within the acceptable range (80-120%) for bioequivalence. Based on these statistical inferences it can be concluded that the two tablet preparations of helicidum are likely to be bioequivalent.