Coccinia for diabetes and blood sugar control
April 10 2015

An extract of Coccinia indica, an herb from India, may help people with mild type 2 diabetes control their blood sugar levels.

Depression benefit
Pharm Biol. 2015. Screening of antidepressant activity and estimation of quercetin from Coccinia indica using TLC densitometry. Coccinia indica Naud (Cucurbitaceae) has been traditionally used for the treatment of depression but these claims have not been validated. The present studies scientifically validated traditional claims of C. indica for antidepressant activity.

Coccinia for diabetes
Indian Researchers randomly assigned 60 adults with newly detected type 2 diabetes patients to receive coccinia extract or placebo. Dr. Rebecca Kuriyan, from the Institute of Population Health and Clinical Research in Bangalore, India found significant differences in blood sugar favoring coccinia extract over placebo after 90 days of treatment. Fasting blood sugar levels at 90 days in people taking the coccinia extract were lower by 16 percent, while fasting blood sugar levels rose slightly in the placebo takers. Patients in the coccinia extract group had an 18-percent decrease in post-meal blood sugar levels at the study's end, whereas the placebo group experienced a small increase in post-meal blood sugar levels. Diabetes Care, February 2008.

Coccinia indica is also known as Coccinia cordifolia