Bugleweed herb research, Ajuga reptans
June 10 2016

Bugleweed s a highly variable plant species. It is one of the best known and most useful ground covers, suiting many different situations and color schemes.

Composition, what is in it?
This herb has ecdysteroids, named reptanslactone A, reptanslactone B, sendreisterone, 24-dehydroprecyasterone and breviflorasterone. This herb also has the phenylpropanoid glycoside, teupolioside. Neo-clerodane diterpenes have been isolated from Ajuga reptans, and named ajugatansins, along with ajugavensin A and ajugareptansone A.

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin (Tokyo). 2011. Four new iridoid glucosides from Ajuga reptans. Four new iridoid glucosides were isolated from the whole plant of Ajuga reptans L. (Labiatae) along with four known iridoid glucosides, one known diterpenoid glycoside, one known aliphatic alcohol glycoside, and three known ecdysteroids.

Bugleweed herb inquiries
Can you tell me about the safety of the herb Bugleweed? It has been suggested as an alternative to chelation therapy for the removal of heavy metals from the body.
    I have not studied this herb in any detail to know its benefits and side effects.