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Current Books by Dr. Ray Sahelian, M.D.
Mind Boosters: Improve your mind, memory, and mood a scientific review

Natural Sex Boosters aphrodisiac supplements for sexual enhancement, first published in 2000 and updated in 2015.



January 6 2018

Products Formulated by Ray Sahelian, M.D.
Eyesight Rx for healthy vision. Eyesight improvement is sometimes noticed within hours. Free samples are available at Physician Formulas website.
Mind-Power-Rx for healthy brain function - one of our bestsellers.  Free samples are available at Physician Formulas website.
Passion Rx - highly popular sexual enhancement product for men and women that works within a few days to improve blood flow, erectile function, sensation and stamina.  Free samples are available at Physician Formulas website.
Prostate Power Rx for optimal prostate health with saw palmetto
Diet Rx is an herbal formula that works for appetite suppression. Free samples are available at Physician Formulas website.
Joint Power Rx - for healthy joint support
MultiVit Rx - high quality daily vitamin and mineral
Ashwagandha 500 mg - relaxation, antioxidant, sexual support
5-HTP 50 mg - supplement for serotonin support
Acetyl-l-Carnitine 300 mg - mind and memory support, antioxidant
R- Alpha Lipoic Acid 50 mg - powerful antioxidant and blood sugar control
CoQ10 50 mg - for healthy energy metabolism and heart function
Curcumin the active extract from turmeric, found in curry
Horny Goat Weed - will it make you horny, too?
Mucuna Pruriens - dopamine enhancer
Tongkat Ali 200 mg - herbal sexual enhancer from Malaysia
Tribulus Terrestris
- herbal sexual enhancer
Mangosteen - contains powerful xanthones
Serrapeptase - blood clot dissolver
Graviola herb, is it helpful for cancer?

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Emails from readers, supplements have real benefits
I wanted to extend my thanks for your supplements! I am a 51-year -old physician assistant who works in a busy family practice. I recently tried your alpha-lipoic acid and acetyl l carnitine supplements. I felt better the FIRST day, so my husband tried them and he did too! I must admit that this changes my perspective on nutraceuticals - from here on out, I will not hesitate to recommend that my patients visit your site!

Q. Dr Sahelian, do you believe in prescription medications or are you mostly interested in natural substances?
   A. I prescribe medications when necessary. We all should be very grateful that modern medicine has created medications that treat pain, provide anesthesia during surgery, treat infections, and provide relief in other serious conditions. However, when it comes to treating chronic conditions such as diabetes type 2, hypertension, mild to moderate heart disease, osteoarthritis, age related mental decline, mild to moderate depression, visual decline, sexual dysfunction, and others, modern medicine has not paid enough attention to the use of natural foods, herbs and nutritional supplements. This is where I see my role in providing my knowledge and experience to those interested in this topic.

Reader concern regarding formulation of products and profit from sales of supplements
Q. Dr. Sahelian, I was starting to be so impressed with your website, but then I landed on a page where you were promoting the sale of a product. I was so disappointed. Can you explain this for me?
   A. I provide a large database of herbal and nutritional information, along with natural treatment of medical conditions. This takes an enormous amount of time to maintain and update, often at least 20 hours a week. If I were working full time as a doctor, I would not have the time nor the energy to provide this unique type of information and perspective to the millions of visitors each year who land on my website. If I were to practice full time as a doctor, I could only see at most about 3000 patients a year, whereas the information I provide on this web site reaches millions. Hence, by making some income from the formulation of products -- which in most cases are appreciated by the users -- it allows me to work part time as a doctor and devote the rest of the time to providing reliable natural medicine information which visitors appreciate a great deal. It is a win win situation for all. The knowledge I have accumulated over more than 30 years of nutritional research and experimentation enables me to formulate certain products that few others in this world would know how to do as effectively. I'm constantly experimenting and researching ways to improve these products to make them more effective with fewer side effects. Why waste such unique talent and skill, and why should such a skilled person not be financially rewarded? Correct me if I am wrong, but my understanding is that we live in a society that monetarily rewards individuals for their ability, knowledge, and hard work. I see absolutely no problems with making an income from formulating products. Drug companies make tens of billions of dollars from the sale of drugs. Drug companies employ thousands of doctors, many from major academic centers, to go around lecturing and promoting their drugs. Why is it not appropriate for a medical doctor with a wealth of information on natural healing to make his share from formulating products?
   One could argue -- and I sense this is perhaps the essence of your concern -- that by promoting the sale of supplements I would lose a certain amount of objectivity. That is a possibility. However, I have always, since childhood, been an honest person and I try to maintain as high a level of integrity as I can. As you visit the different pages on my website, you will find mentioned both the benefits and side effects of supplements. If I don't think a product works, I say so. If a product has serious side effects, I mention it clearly. For example, see the page on
   One could also raise the argument of objectivity in regards to the thousands of university and hospital based doctors who work, promote, endorse, and lecture on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry, the tens of thousands of drug stores and pharmacists who benefit from the sale of expensive drugs, the dozens of TV stations who make money from drug company ads, the hundreds of medical journals and their editorial staff who benefit from the advertising dollars spent to promote and support their magazines, etc, etc. Most of these medical journals are much more likely to endorse the use of drugs to treat medical conditions than natural herbs and supplements since almost all the advertising dollars comes from the drug companies who have such deep pockets. These drug companies are in such a great position to make huge profits. They have hundreds of thousands of private practice doctors who promote their drugs to their patients. And these private practice doctors are not paid to promote these drugs. All they need is an occasional visit by a drug rep, and medical journals sent to them for free. Dozens of journals are mailed free to doctors each week. Many of the articles in these journals are written by doctors based in prestigious universities or hospitals who are paid by the drug companies to write positive things about their drugs while discounting the benefits of herbs and supplements that could be, in some cases, just, or even more beneficial at a fraction of the cost. These magazines are mailed free to doctors since the advertising dollars make a subscription fee unnecessary. In brief, these drug companies have a huge sales force of well-meaning but  brainwashed unpaid doctors who prescribe these drugs (some drugs are beneficial, others harmful) to their patients, and these private practice doctors don't even get a share of the profit for making the drug companies so wealthy! (By using the term brainwashed, I mean that these doctors are so busy with their practice, and their exposure to medical information comes in such an exclusive manner from the drug companies, that they are not aware of natural alternatives.) In addition, since the cost of most drugs is paid by the insurance companies, these pharmaceutical companies get their money not directly from the consumer, but a third party payer. Free sales force of doctors, third party insurance payers... what a wonderful and profitable business model they have created!!
   I long ago realized that it is impossible in this world to please 100 percent of the people 100 percent of the time. As such, I do not live my life, or maintain the info on my website, to please everyone all the time. I just speak my truth and let the chips fall where they may. All that matters to me is that I am honest, that I mention the benefit and harm from supplements and the pharmaceutical drugs that I discuss, and that I try to do the best I can. I also, sincerely, hope that the information I provide is helpful to many people in their quest for natural healing, and by the emails we get, so many people are desperate to find a natural alternative or cure for their condition that modern medicine may not have a good option. I do have a certain sense of altruism which has not faded, even having gone through the rigorous ordeal, lack of sleep, and stress of training to be a doctor.
   A visitor to my website has absolutely no obligation to purchase any product that i have formulated. They can accept, reject, or do whatever they wish with the information that is provided. It's as simple as that.

When you start a new supplement, even if it is a multivitamin, it is better to take it on a day when you are not taking other supplements. This way you can better tell what kind of effect it has on your body and mind. Otherwise, you will not fully understand how this particular supplement is making you feel or what kind of positive effects and side effects it has. Ideally it would be best if you took this new supplement for 3 or 4 days by itself you that you get a good feel for how you react to it.

Email from a doctor
I must admit that I am intrigued by the information provided on your website. As a board certified Family Practitioner and Pathologist with a background in Chemistry / Biochemistry, I realize how woefully shortsighted mainstream medicine has been regarding potential benefits of natural / herbal medicinals. However, I occasionally see the tragic results of the people using herbal supplements to excess, and who do not listen to your sage advise regarding moderation and 'drug holidays' in order to avoid potential toxicities. Do you and your team have a list of articles regarding your research that have been published in peer-reviewed, mainstream medical journals (ie, AFP, NEJM, JAMA). Do you have a list of articles regarding any of your research? Your time and references would be greatly appreciated.
   A. Thank you for your email and positive feedback. Most of the information Dr. Sahelian has gathered is through personal experimentation and feedback from patients, friends, and individuals who have written to us. If we get similar responses from various independent sources regarding a particular nutrient or herb, then we feel relatively confident, particularly if we experience the same thing, to mention it on our website or some of the books. We have not gone through the trouble of doing formal research studies. We reserve this option to the academic centers who have the facilities and the funds. We hope this answers your question.

Have you ever thought of writing a book on all of the different herbs and what can or can't be taking with them? Both other herbs and medications? Your website is great don't get me wrong, it just gets frustrating when I go to do research and either no one knows or I get so many different answers. With all of the research that you and your staff have done I just thought that a book on drug and herb interactions would be a great thing and very helpful.
   A. As to writing a book on the interaction of drugs, herbs and other supplements, in this day and age of computers and google searches, it is difficult to sell books. Most people want to read things on line and research on line. Plus, very little research has been done with drug and herb interactions.

After reading through your site I was very interested in trying your supplements, however I was a little disappointed in seeing that they contain magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, and some of them even have sugars. Do you think you will be formulating these products without such ingredients in thenear future?
   A. I have done extensive reviews and have come to the conclusion that there is a great deal of misinformation on this topic. I do not believe they are harmful in these tiny amounts and I have been taking such supplements for 30 years without problems, nor have my patients had issues from them.

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