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February 1 2018

Ray Sahelian, M.D. obtained a Bachelors of Science degree in nutrition from Drexel University and completed his doctoral training at Thomas Jefferson Medical School, both in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

A popular and respected physician and medical writer, Dr. Sahelian is internationally recognized as a moderate voice in the evaluation of natural supplements. In his books, articles, newsletter, and website, he discusses both the benefits and risks of these supplements. He thoroughly evaluates the published research and has direct patient feedback. He is often asked by medical doctors, scientists, researchers, and academics regarding his thoughts on nutritional research projects.

What makes Dr. Sahelian different than most other doctors who write about supplements is that he actually tests on himself various herbs and nutrients in varying dosages to determine what kind of effect they have. It is this experimental and experiential method that has provided him with significant insights into herbs and supplements that few other medical doctors have discovered. In addition, Dr. Sahelian, over his many years of medical and nutritional practice, has had personal feedback from thousands of his patients who take supplements, along with tens of thousands of supplement users who have emailed him their experiences (or written posts on his Facebook page), both positive and negative. There are few people who has gathered this type of neutraceutical information from so many varied sources.

Dr. Sahelian has been seen on television programs including NBC Today, NBC Nightly News, CBS This Morning, Dateline NBC, and CNN, quoted by countless major magazines such as Newsweek, Modern Maturity, Health, and newspapers including USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, and Le Monde (France). Millions of radio listeners nationwide hear him discuss the latest research on health. Many of his books have been translated into several languages, including Japanese, Korean, Italian, German, Russian, and Chinese.
We have had many emails asking whether Dr. Sahelian is Armenian. Yes, he is.

He writes articles for several health magazines and has a popular and widely read newsletter called Natural Healing Secrets. He also offers his consulting and formulating services to medical and nutritional companies. He is the bestselling author of Mind Boosters and The Stevia Cookbook, and Natural Sex Boosters. His popular formulations include  Eyesight Rx for healthy vision, Passion Rx, an herbal product which enhances sexual pleasure and stamina in men and women, Diet Rx as an appetite suppressant without stimulants, Mind Power Rx brain enhancer, Joint Power Rx for healthy joints, Good Night Rx for better sleep, and Prostate Power Rx.

"My objective is to combine traditional medical knowledge with the latest research on nutrition, herbs, and natural supplements."

A friend on Facebook recently posted a question, "What is one of your passions that people do not know about you?" I replied, "Walking for hours in cities, towns, villages, beaches, forests, trails, while appreciating the beauty of people, architecture, plants, colors, changes in sunlight, shadows... and continuing to learn the art of seeing."

Dear Dr Ray Sahelian, Your insight and experience contribute greatly to the complementary and alternative peer review process by ensuring worthwhile and pioneering research, with the ability to enhance and improve the quality of medicine and health services in Australia. In addition, your contributions have ensured that each application is given a fair and transparent assessment by experts with relevant knowledge and experience. According, on behalf of the NHMRC, I wish to thank you for being a part of Australia’s first ‘Special Call for Research in Complementary and Alternative Medicine’. Kind regards and best wishes,
Project Officer | Grants Management (Special Initiatives), National Health & Medical Research Council, Australia

My husband has tried many products that you formulate and deeply appreciates all your fantastic research that you have done.

Thank you for your excellent website and newsletter. At last I have a single source for all the information I need about supplements. It sure beats “googling” something and trying to figure out what’s believable and what’s not. I’ve actually stopped looking anywhere else but your site because it’s so comprehensive and balanced.

I cannot overstate my enthusiasm about your growing body of scientific studies on the plethora of nutritional substances available to the public. This body of work cannot be more important than it is. I sincerely hope that nothing ever prevents Dr. Sahelian and his staff from continuing this effort, or that anything has an appreciable effect in diminishing the impartiality and objectivity of Dr. Sahelian's recommendations from among the various manufacturers of nutritional substances.
     I'm skeptical of the motives of any profit-based company, however much it congratulates itself for the quality and reliability, the safety and effectiveness of its products. If hope you'll forgive me, if I encourage Dr. Sahelian, who must have precious little time for these concerns, to continue his efforts in making the best assessment he can, of the merits or lack thereof, of various products available to the public from the many supplements companies, "before" he endorses them in print, and does not allow himself to fall into the "habit" of recommending these companies without fairly constant scrutiny and a natural, impartial and routine skepticism. All these companies, fail, including the best of them.
     With the strongest appreciation and gratitude.

Dear Dr. Ray, Thank you for your words of wisdom in the form of your amazing informative site!!! You are an incredible man, with a wealth of knowledge that you I guess acquired from learning via your patients, and I have tremendous respect for you. I have suffered from insomnia for 15 years on and off, and the calm way in which you explain treatments is so comforting. Thank you so much. love-light-blessings. A fan in the UK. P.S. Your picture shows that you are also incredibly good looking!

I want to say thank you for your website AND...for listing your experiences with these nutraceuticals but most of all, your cautions of them. I tend to be a person who goes a little overboard and it is good to see your recommendations about these products and to err on the side of caution and prudence!!

Please add me to the list of people who receive your regular supplement research updates.  I feel that I have benefited greatly from the wealth of information you share and that I am consequently far better able to make informed decisions about nutritional supplements for the use of myself and my family.

I appreciate the honesty and scientific integrity of the doctor's website. 

Please include us on your Supplement Research Update email.  We have 2 of your books, DHEA and Mind Boosters -- great information presented very clearly! We work in the Health and Fitness area and it's wonderful to see someone of your caliber presenting such important information.

My husband and I wanted to encourage you.  Your web-site has been most helpful.  Thank you for telling it like it is, and reporting the truth.  We find ourselves coming back to your site when we need guidance.

I always rely on Ray Sahelian, M.D. for accurate and honest opinion. I don't waste anytime going to any other site, he is a professional in every way and that is why he is valued in our family and others who seek what he has to share.

I am very impressed with you. Very many prominent Doctors make reference about your books and works.

You provide a terrific resource for folks and I frequently make a point of sending patients here to learn about specific substances. Thanks very much for the work you've done.

Let me start by saying that you have an excellent and comprehensive understanding of herbs vitamins etc.. I am very content in the knowledge you provide to the general public and I have not found "anything even coming close," to the way the information is being displayed on your web site

Thank you for all the research and work you've done and especially for sharing it online. I think you present information with balance which is very much needed in the supplement area. Also, your advice that we start any supplement with a small dose shows a respect for the intricacies and vagaries of the human body as well as your concern for your readers. This engenders much trust!

I've read your books and am very grateful to you for the advice you have given there. Since I had no knowledge of nutritional supplements before, reading your books opened up a whole new "support line" for me. Thank you.

Love your website! Just came across it today while researching the herb "Ashwagandha." I will definitely be back for more info as needed ... it's simple to use, and straight to the point! Keep up the great work!

Your website is by far the most informative site regarding nutrition, vitamins, supplements, etc.  I have ever seen.  I am glad I have finally found a site that I can use as a reference tool when questioning nutrition. 

I am so thankful that physicians (some at least) are beginning to take a serious interest in natural therapies.  Thank you for what you do.  I truly believe that you and physicians like you eventually are going to make a big difference in our health.  Pharmaceutical companies pushing the physicians to write more prescriptions definitely is not the answer to better health.

Thank you for your web site!   Recently, I read 2 of your books, Mind Boosters and the other, well gee it must have slipped my mind about the title.  LOL!    Either way I enjoyed them both tremendously!   I appreciate the fact you have tried many of the supplements yourself, mentioned the effects of them on the system, and your honest opinion.   You're not just out to sell a product.    Thank you for your updates, and just for being you.   I no longer have to ask people who really don't have any more knowledge then I do about supplements, and yet who are telling me what's best.  I will simply turn to your web site.

Thank you very much for you answers, and your professionalism in this field. You are the only honest and knowledgeable professional that I know who is trustworthy!

I have been reading your site for some time now and you are one of the only honest people when it comes to what a supplement can or can't do. I can't trust some doctors, can't trust drug companies, can't always trust supplement manufactures, and others simply don't have the biochemistry background to answer correctly.


Index of Herbs, Supplements, and Natural Therapies

5-HTP serotonin precursor... serotonin is involved in mood, appetite, impulse control, and relaxation, and can help people with depression and insomnia.
Acetylcholine memory neurotransmitter and levels may be influenced by choline and cdp choline supplementation
Acetyl l-carnitine  involved in brain energy metabolism, does it have anti-aging properties?
Acetylcysteine antioxidant, liver protector
Acidophilus supplement for improved gut health
Acne a blemish on dermatologists, diet advice may have been wrong for decades. What we eat does influence our skin health.
ADHD too may kids are being overmedicated with Adderall, Ritalin, and other drugs. Are there natural alternatives?
Advanced Ginkgo Smart formulated by Dr. Sahelian for support of mind, memory, mood
Agaricus mushroom
AHCC immune-support mushroom extract
Allergy practical and natural suggestions provided
Alpha lipoic acid powerful antioxidant
Alzheimer's disease are some supplements as powerful as pharmaceutical drugs?
Amino Acid benefit
Amla herb used by doctors of Ayurvedic medicine
Andrographis immune herb, many potential uses, including Familial Mediterranean Fever
Androstenedione legitimate father of testosterone and estrogens
Angelica pubescens herb
Antioxidants should you take any? will they slow aging?
Anxiety don't worry... mother nature has an herb for you
Aphrodisiacs natural herbs and nutrients that really work!
Arabinogalactan is promoted as an immune booster
Arginine nitric oxide producing amino acid
Arjuna ancient heart helper
Arthritis any good alternatives to stop the snap, crackle and pop?
Ashwagandha laid-back Ayurvedic lovemaking, found in Passion Rx
Astaxanthin antioxidant, found in krill oil
Asthma breathe a clear sigh of relief
Astragalus immune system support
Athlete's Foot, there is a natural cure available
Autism some dietary options are worth a try
Avena Sativa sow your wild oats... but just for breakfast

Bacopa Ayurvedic brain support herb
Basil aromatic, antioxidant culinary herb
Bee pollen has antioxidant properties
Beta glucan for immune system
Betaine mind and energy booster
Betel nut information
Bilberry has powerful anthocyanins
Bipolar disorder balancing the ups and downs
Bitter orange used for weight loss
Black cohosh for menopause
Boswellia for arthritis
Butea herb for sexual improvement
Butterbur has been studied in allergy, asthma, and migraine headache
B vitamins the Bs get an A

Caigua information
Calcium more coming soon
Cancer natural steps to prevent and reduce the severity of this serious disease
Carnitine energy booster, helps fight fatigue, potentially helpful to heart patients
Carnosine anti-aging nutrient?
Carotenoids have a glass of carrot juice instead of a soda
Cascara sagrada for constipation
Cat's claw anti-inflammatory
Catuaba coitus catalyst found in Passion Rx
Cayenne pepper supplement
CDP-Choline/citicoline, sharpen your mind
Cerebral palsy informaiton
Cetyl myristoleate or CMO used for joint health
Chamomile gentle tea
Chaste berry for PMS in women... and relief for men :)
Cherry extract information
Chitosan the debate continues
Cholesterol the lower the better?
Choline memory nutrient
Chondroitin cartilage extract for arthritis
Chromium helpful mineral in diabetes
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome mystery gradually being understood better
Cinnamon extract
Citrus aurantium appetite control extract?
CLA I can't figure this one out
Clavo Huasca purported Peruvian aphrodisiac
Clove herb
Coleus Forskohlii has forskolin
Colostrum  benefit
CMO ditto: I can't figure this one out, either
Chinese sex booster?
Codonopsis supplement

Common Cold practical tips to reduce the severity and frequency of winter misery
Constipation is there an "empty colon" to "happy brain" connection?
Co Q10 for heart, energy, antioxidant
Coenzyme Q10 for heart, energy, antioxidant
Coral Calcium do scientists approve? Shall we hail OK Coral?
Cordyceps famous fungus
Creatine for big muscles; look good in the mirror, impress your friends, partner... and yourself
Crohn's disease natural therapy
Curcumin cure-all curry
Cystic fibrosis information

Daidzein phytoestrogen
Damiana Mexican passion plant?
Dandruff information
Danshen used in China for heart conditions
Deer antler velvet Lapp dance enhancer? anyone try this?
Depression move aside, Prozac...mood lifters without a prescription
Devil's claw anti-inflammatory herb from South Africa
DHA/fish oils study: omega deficit worse health threat than budget deficit
DHEA and 7-Keto-DHEA educate yourself before use
Diabetes it's not healthy to be too sweet
Diet do you have the will power?
Digestive enzymes health benefit
DMAE focus your brain, a well-known mind/memory booster
Dopamine the libido neurotransmitter
Down syndrome information

Echinacea common cold helper? jury hasn't made the decision: they're out sick
Elderberry herb extract
Emu oil info
Energy lots of herbs that could help... but first focus on sleep, diet and exercise
Enzymes and their role in health
Ephedra keep away for now... and quite likely a long time
Erectile dysfunction causes and natural options
EstroPause formulated by Dr. Sahelian for long term menopause support
Eurycoma asian aphrodisiac in Passion Rx
Evening primrose I still prefer fish oils
Evodiamine benefit
Eyebright herb

Fatigue don't give up, energy is a renewable resource
Female sexual dysfunction solution
Fennel herb
Female Libido surpass your boyfriend's or husband's libido
Fenugreek may help with sugar balance
Fertility natural options for male and female fertility
Feverfew for migraine
Fibroids difficult to treat, one Chinese herb may help
Fibromyalgia natural options could relieve pain
Fish oils for heart, blood vessels, eyes, and....
Flavonoids good news: there's plenty in dark chocolate!!
Flaxseed sprinkle some on your favorite vegetable soup
Forskolin smooth muscle operator
Fructus Lycii, Chinese wolfberry
Fucoidan information

GABA does it cross the blood brain barrier?
Galantamine new Alzheimer's option
Garcinia Cambogia for stomach ulcers?
Garlic supplement
Genistein soy phytoestrogen
Ginger more than a sushi garnish
Ginkgo respected mind booster known in China for millennia
Ginseng One billion Chinese can't be wrong!
Glucomannan fiber for constipation and maybe weight loss
Glucosamine for arthritis... to begin, lob your Tylenol bottle in the trash can
Glutamine may be helpful in those with cancer and HIV
Glutathione antioxidant
Goji berry may improve vision
Gout it's the beef, pork, lamb, and seafood
Gotu kola Ayurvedic antioxidant
Graviola Amazonian fruit cancer fighter?
Grape seed immune enhancer, may help venous insufficiency
Green tea a cup a day keeps the doctor away
Guarana exotic caffeine source
Guggul for cholesterol... but controversial
Gymnema blood sugar helper

Hair why can't men be more like women?
Happiness take a One-Minute Happiness Quiz
Hawthorn for heart
Headache get to the source
Healthy Diet advice
Heart Disease alternative treatment
Heart failure  beyond drugs -- CoQ10, Carnitine, Hawthorn
Hepatitis B and C a few natural options
Herb info
HGH human growth hormone-- Honey, I shrunk my wallet!
High blood pressure reduction with herbs and supplements
HIV human immunodeficiency virus-- hopeful anti-viral herbs
Homocysteine unpopular words: high cholesterol, high homocysteine, high blood pressure, highjack
Hoodia skinny Kalahari Bushmen may be on to something
Hops count the sheep hopping over the fence
Hormone supplement benefit and risks
Horny Goat Weed will it make you horny, too?
Horse Chestnut let the veins flow freely
Hot plants information
Human Growth hormone be careful about the scams
Huperzine A Chinese club moss for memory and Alzheimer's
Hyaluronic acid joint helper -- but does it also work by the oral route?
Hydroxytryptophan eat less, weigh less, sleep more, feel better, but be careful
deflate the pressure
Hyssop antiviral herbal tea from Biblical epochs

Immune system more complicated than you can imagine--nutrients and herbs to the rescue
Immuno-Shield formulated by Dr. Sahelian for immune system support
Impotence can be cured with natural supplements in many cases
Inositol may be helpful in some psychiatric conditions
Inulin fiber
IP-6 anti-cancer properties look good in lab studies
Isoflavones good for everything? have another tofu cube

Joint Formula formulated by Dr. Sahelian for joint health support

Kava palm trees and coconuts on the beach... South Pacific style
Khat fertility plant
Kidney Stones ...have you drank your six glasses of water today?
Kudzu for alcohol problems

Lemon Balm soothes anxiety
Libido/Sex bring back your "teenage" Passion.... within 48 hours...
Licorice one of my favorite herbal teas
Lipoic acid powerful antioxidant, one of my favorites... a must read for diabetics!
Longevity/Anti-aging live long enough for your stock portfolio to return to its original balance :)
Long Jack--  asian aphrodisiac
Lunasin information
Luo han guo, natural sweetener
Lupus fish oils may be helpful
Lycium berry
Lycopene think red: the tomato antioxidant
Lyprinol New Zealand mussel for arthritis and asthma

Maca erotic Incan herb from the high Andes 
Macular degeneration save your eyesight with antioxidants
Magnesium mineral
Mangosteen has xanthones
Melatonin dreams like you've never dreamed!
Menopause herbal alternatives... the controversy continues ad infinitum
Methylcobalamin long name for B12
Milk thistle Terminate your liver toxins
Mind Boosters: A Guide to Natural Supplements that Enhance Your Mind, Memory, and Mood
Morinda citrifolia see noni
Morinda officinalis health benefit
MSM so much said when so little is known
Mucuna Pruriens the dopamine dealer
Muira puama Brazilian Jungle Passion
Multiple sclerosis nerve fibers need insulation, too
Myasthenia Gravis creatine may be helpful

Nattokinase blood clot dissolver?
Natural Sex Boosters new book
NADH the dopamine connection: mind and sex booster
Nitric oxide enhancement
Noni blend a healthy Tahitian smoothie

Olive leaf the bug buster
Omega 3 fish oils for sale
Oral Herpes herbal alternative
Order page for products available for sale
Oregano herb for immune system
Osteoarthritis glucosamine vs ibuprofen: and the winner is....
Osteoporosis don't let sticks and stones break your bones

Pantethine active form of pantothenic acid
Pantothenic acid the mood enhancing B vitamin
Parkinson's disease save your substantia nigra before it shakes you
Passion flower passion with no anxiety
Passion Rx sexual pleasure pill for men and women, formulated by Dr. Sahelian... It works!
Pau D'arco South American anti-inflammatory
Penis Enlargement men will never stop trying
Perna canaliculus New Zealand mussel for arthritis and asthma
Petasites for migraines and allergies
Phaseolamin starch blocker or money flusher?
Phenylalanine amino acid energizer
Pheromones information
Phosphatidylcholine known as lecithin... i'd rather have an omelet
Phosphatidylserine PS or BS?
Phytoestrogens Soy to the World... (sing to the tune of the Christmas song)
PMS these nutrients can help her  ... and indirectly other people in her life
Policosanol for cholesterol... but sadly, statins still better
Pomegranate health benefits
Pregnenolone the grandmother of all steroid hormones
Premature ejaculation treatment
Prickly pear a hangover cactus?
Progesterone anyone not confused?
Propolis bee glue
Prostate let's get the flood gates wide open
Prostate cancer nutritional options
Psyllium be a regular guy or gal
Pygeum africanum saw palmetto's prostate buddy
Pyroglutamate smart drug?
Pyruvate another weight loss nutrient yet to prove itself

Quercetin not a queer flavonoid

Red clover for menopause
Red yeast rice for cholesterol
Rehmannia Chinese herb
Reishi anti-tumor Chinese mushroom not to be confused with Reiki
Restless leg syndrome
Resveratrol rationalize your red wine drinking habit
Rice Bran Oil for cholesterol
Rheumatoid arthritis is the Western diet partly to blame?
Rhodiola le adaptogen du jour (mentioned in Newsweek)
Ribose don't count on it if you plan to make it to the Olympics
Rooibos tea from South Africa... add one more box of tasty tea on your kitchen counter
Rosemary herb
Royal jelly your pet mouse will live longer on royal jelly!!
Rye pollen The Three Prostateers: Palmetto, Pollen, and Pygeum

SAM-e, S-adenosylmethionine Be Happier! mind booster, antidepressant, for arthritis
Saw palmetto prostate protector
Schisandra hepatoprotective, adaptogenic, antioxidative... are you impressed?
Seizure/Epilepsy maybe these suggestions will have some benefit
Selenium mineral
Serenoa repens also known as saw palmetto
Serotonin can you solve your serotonin system? certainly!
Serrapeptase anti-inflammatory enzyme
Sex Drive enhancers
Sex herbs do work
Sexual Enhancement supplements
Sexuality products
Shilajit/Shilajeet high in the Himalayas
Silymarin be kind to your liver
Sitosterol found in soy for prostate and cholesterol
Sleep my favorite activity
Soy protein health benefit
Spirulina a blue-green algae
Stevia no calorie sweetener. "Sweet Drinks are Made of These" The Stevia Cookbook
Stinging nettle anti-inflammatory
St. John's wort don't worry, be happy
Stroke prevent this scenario: three strokes and you're out
Suma (pfaffia paniculata) for better sex, energy... and everything that ails you?
Sytrinol for cholesterol management

Tea Tree Oil benefit for skin problems
Testosterone hormone review
Theanine helpful amino acid found in tea
Thyme herb
Tinnitus do the bells toll for thee?
Tongkat Ali--  Asian Aphrodisiac
Tribulus underrated roadside sex herb that works
Trimethylglycine for better sex and energy
Tryptophan orphan abandoned by the FDA with meager child support
Turmeric taste of India
Tyrosine and Acetyl-tyrosine -- alert amino acids

Ulcer herbs that may be helpful for stomach and peptic ulcers

Valerian anti-anxiety sedative
Varicose Veins and natural supplement help
Vegetarian the never ending dilemma...
Vinpocetine periwinkle plant brain booster, may improve vision
Vision see the bright side
Vitamin B12 beyond anemia
Vitamin C what's the right dose?
Vitamin D let the sun shine
Vitamin E there's more to E than dl-alpha-- do all the tocopherols

Wolfberry also known as goji berry
Wobenzym enzyme product
Weight loss big and beautiful: the next stage of Western human evolution
Xanthoparmelia little known lichen

Yacon is becoming more popular
Yerba mate popular South American tea-like beverage
Yohimbe better sex in one hour for men and women... if you can tolerate the side effects
Yoga one of the best anti-aging movement exercises you can do... read the latest research

Zallouh belly dance your way to seduction
Zeaxanthin and lutein for eye health
Zinc lozenge for the common cold

hgh information
coenzymeq10 health benefit
curry as a source of curcumin

Cuscuta seed extract
dodder herb

sexual enhancers
really do work