Avena Sativa benefit, side effects, extract supplement dosage benefit as an aphrodisiac. For men and women
This herb is included in many sexual enhancing products. Does it raise testosterone levels?
How effective is the extract for libido enhancement and is it effective as a treatment for impotence or erectile dysfunction?
October 1 2017 by Ray Sahelian, M.D.

Benefits and side effects, for men and women, review
Do avena sativa supplements improve sexual pleasure and performance? What is the right dosage and are there more potent herbal alternatives?
Can this herbal extract be combined with other over the counter aphrodisiacs for sexual enhancement purposes?

A plant aphrodisiac that works in men and women
Avena sativa is the scientific name for the grass commonly known as oats. It has been used medicinally since the middle ages, yet I have not come across any reference to any aphrodisiac benefit that has been noted or documented in several hundred years of use. In recent years extracts have been marketed as sexual enhancers.

Promoters say avena sativa extract frees up bound testosterone to free testosterone in the blood, making it more active. However, I have not come across published studies that prove this point, nor have I come across any studies published in the medical literature regarding its effectiveness as a sex booster. However, some anecdotal evidence from users indicates the herb to be a mild and gentle sexual enhancer, not as potent as tribulus terrestris, tongkat ali, horny goat weed, and other sex herbs. Avena sativa therefore may be a good herb to use in combination with stronger aphrodisiac herbs and as part of a formula, such as Passion Rx.
   This article reviews the benefits, side effects of this aphrodisiac supplement.

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Avena Sativa, 200 mg, 60 Capsules
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Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Serving Per Bottle: 60 Capsules
  Amount Per Capsule % DV
Avena Sativa dosage
Oat Straw (Avena sativa) (aerial parts)
200 mg
† Daily Value or Recommended not established

Passion Rx: This sexual enhancing product provides results that are often noticed by the third or fourth day. Our feedback thus far indicates more than 80% user satisfaction within a week and more than 90 percent by the end of the second week.

My comments: I have personally tried avena sativa pills and they do have a sexual lifting effect, quite gentle but nice.

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Syrup versus capsule? Is there a difference?
Not that we know of. Liquids and tablets, or capsules, are often similar in their benefits although in some cases liquids get absorbed a little better. Some people may open a capsule and mix the contents in water of juice or a tiny bit of wine or spirits if they wish.

Aphrodisiac benefit, Testimonial
Q. I have been taking avena sativa extract on and off for about one year. I think it does boost my sex drive but my goal with this product is to complement my weight lifting by increasing free testosterone thereby increasing muscle. I would never take steroids. I understand that steroids could potentially shrink the testicles, and I was wondering if avena sativa extract works in the same manner as steroids thereby causing testicles to eventually shrink?
   A. Long term human studies in relation to its effects on testosterone, DHEA, or other hormones are not available, so we really don't know. However, based on my knowledge, I would seriously doubt if the extract had effects even remotely similar to taking steroids.

Q. In the book A Prescription for Nutritional Healing, in the impotence article, there is a reference to a Dr. Robert Frankt of Budapest University in Hungary having used avena sativa (green oats) and stinging nettles to treat men who suffered from low sexual desire and diminished performance. The action and chemical composition of each of these herbs is described in the list of Herbs and Their Uses in the same book above. Whether this means the combination is actually a kind of cure for (some aspect) of impotence (ED) is not clear.
   A. I am not aware of any published human avena sativa supplement research regarding its benefits for sexual enhancement. There are many potent natural aphrodisiacs that have been studied more thoroughly.

Testosterone effect, does it increase levels?
I know you don't carry it on your website but do you have an opinion on Swiss Oats A111 and the clinical data showing it raises free testosterone levels?
    I have not seen any research on this product and I am not sure at this time if avena sativa extract has any significant effect on testosterone.

Mind enhancement, brain function, memory improvement
J Altern Complement Med. 2011. Ingested oat herb extract (Avena sativa) changes EEG spectral frequencies in healthy subjects. This study aimed at using quantitative assessment of human electric brain activity during mental work for determining acute effects of ingested oat herb extract on cognitive performance. Within a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled crossover study, two dosages of a special oat preparation of Avena sativa herba (1250 or 2500 mg of Neuravena®) were compared to placebo. An electroencephalogram was recorded while the patient had eyes open for 6 minutes, eyes closed for 4 minutes, performance of a concentration test for 5 minutes, and performance of mental arithmetic for 5 minutes. Source density was calculated and spectral frequency changes were averaged to give one value for each frequency range. Using quantitative brain mapping technology (CATEEM), main effects were observed in the left frontotemporal area, known to be involved in cognitive tasks. Statistically significant differences were observed during resting and during performance. Also, during performance of mental arithmetic, greater enhancement was observed but only at a lower error probability. These changes suggest that oat herb extract might be effective in healthy subjects, resulting in a positive impact on cognitive performance.

Nutr Neurosci. 2015. Acute effects of a wild green-oat (Avena sativa) extract on cognitive function in middle-aged adults: A double-blind, placebo-controlled, within-subjects trial. A wild green-oats extract (Neuravena®) containing a range of potentially bioactive components, including flavonoids and triterpene saponins, has previously been shown to enhance animal stress responses and memory, and improve cognitive performance in humans at a dose of 1600 mg. Methods This double-blind, placebo-controlled, counterbalanced cross-over study assessed the effects of single doses of the green-oat extract (GOE) across a broad range of cognitive domains in healthy adults aged 40-65 years who self-reported that they felt that their memory had declined with age. Participants attended on six occasions, receiving a single dose of either placebo, 800, or 1600 mg GOE on each occasion, with the counterbalanced order of treatments repeated twice for each participant. Cognitive function was assessed with a range of computerized tasks measuring attention, spatial/working/episodic memory, and executive function pre-dose and at 1, 2.5, 4, and 6 hours post-dose. The results showed that 800 mg avena sativa extract increased the speed of performance across post-dose assessments on a global measure including data from all of the timed tasks. It also improved performance of a delayed word recall task in terms of errors and an executive function task in terms of decreased thinking time and overall completion time. Working memory span was also increased, but only on the second occasion that this dose was taken. These results confirm the acute cognitive effects of GOE seen in previous research, and suggest that the optimal dose lies at or below 800 mg.

Benefit and review, does it really work as a sex enhancer?
Scientific studies are difficult to find regarding the aphrodisiac properties or benefit of avena sativa capsules or tablets (a Medline search in 2016 did not reveal any new human studies), but my limited experience indicates it is a mild and gentle sexual enhancer. I'll have to wait for more research before I solidify my opinion. If you were to take this pill, one capsule a few times a week should be sufficient for most people. Take a week off each month.

Most sexual enhancement claims rest on research conducted during the 1980s by the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco, which marketed a line of avena sativa products. According to an article in Nutrition Action Healthletter, the one study on men and women that compared avena sativa to a placebo was never published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Safety and adverse events, risk, danger, any safety issues?
Are you aware of any avena sativa side effects or any concerns with safety, toxicity, or risks?
    As of 2016, I am not aware of any significant avena sativa side effects or toxicity or any danger from use. Very high doses could increase heart rate and cause insomnia.

In 2011 it was reported that avena sativa syrup was found in the Osama Bin Laden compound during the raid that killed him. Was Osama Bin laden using it as a natural aphrodisiac?